Worldwide Discipleship Association (WDA) and Restoring Your Heart (RYH) plan to host a free talk on “Finding and Connecting with Safe People” on June 30 at 7:00 p.m. ET on Facebook Live. Experienced Restoring Your Heart Group Facilitator, Jaami Rutledge, will host the event.

WDA reports that the Facebook Live talk will include information on what safety really means and why it is important, what safe support systems are, the Jesus model of safe support, and how Restoring Your Heart ministries can help with finding safe people. Join online on the RYH Facebook page.

Restoring Your Heart offers a series of safe, small group experiences for those who desire freedom from emotional hurt and unprocessed pain. The ministry is delivered through the church and other organizations via trained leaders who facilitate safe, gender-specific small groups to their congregation and surrounding community. RYH was developed by Jack Larson, an Atlanta-based pastor, and a team of theologians, mental health professionals, and lay leaders who collaborated to produce workbooks and group experiences geared toward helping individuals process past pain, understand emotions, and conquer shame. Restoring Your Heart is a ministry of Worldwide Discipleship Association.

“This free live talk on Safe People comes at the perfect time in our world today,” said Nancy Higgins, a WDA Staff Member and RYH Trainer. “We have been isolating and sheltering in place for over two years now and it has taken a toll on our ability to communicate and socialize. As we begin to re-engage with other people, this talk offers some information that will help us do so in healthy ways. Because many of us feel a little awkward initially interacting with people in person, we will probably interact first with people that we know and trust. As we expand our circle, we might need encouragement to do so and information about the importance of community. How do we recognize if a person is “safe?” What are the characteristics of groups that can make them safe or unsafe? Why is this important? This talk will give us clear insight about safe people, confidence in our ability to recognize a safe person, and encouragement to become one.”

Worldwide Discipleship Association (WDA) is an interdenominational Christian ministry whose mission is to serve the church worldwide by developing Christ-like character in people and equipping them to disciple others like Jesus. WDA has been serving the metro Atlanta area since 1974.

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