Event Summary:

The increasing focus on promoting Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the workplace has gained support from many organizations, especially law firms. Embracing D&I principles in the legal workforce is perceived to help create a high-performing team and improve client services, productivity, and decision-making.

As more organizations strive to advance their D&I commitment, continued innovation becomes critical in creating positive change in the workplace. To achieve this, organizations must ensure that their D&I strategy aligns with their objectives.

Listen as a distinguished panel of thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group provide the audience with an in-depth and timely discussion on promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. The speakers will also share actionable insights and recommendations to initiate and improve D&I practices within your organization.

Key topics that will be covered in this discussion are:

• The Growing Focus on D&I

• Impact of D&I in the Decision-Making Process

• Challenges in the D&I Profile of the Legal Profession

• Key Approaches to Improve D&I Implementation

• Moving DE&I Forward: What Lies Ahead

• Beyond the D&I “Echo Chamber”: Proven Law Practice Leader Tips to Guide Progress

Speakers/Faculty Panel

Amanda Garcia Williams

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Husch Blackwell LLP

James O’Sullivan


Tiffany & Bosco P.A.

May Lu


Tiffany & Bosco P.A.

Thanh Vo

Manager, DE&I Programs

Foley Hoag LLP

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