A $100 PPN discount and a free copy of “Becoming A CFI” by Radek Wyrzykowski for all current and new NAFI members who want to participate.

ALBANY, N.Y.June 6, 2022PRLog — The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and the Pilot Proficiency Network (PPN) announced strategic cooperation to promote instrument flying, aviation community activities, and pilot proficiency in general aviation. Under the agreement between the two organizations, the PPN will give a discount of $100 and a FREE print copy of “Becoming A CFI” by Radek Wyrzykowski to all NAFI new and current members who want to create a local PPN Chapter or register their existing group like Flying Club or aviation chapter to access PPN’s group resources.

The PPN’s goal is to increase confidence and proficiency in actual IMC conditions for those pilots who are instrument rated and those who find themselves in unintended, unpredicted, and unexpected IMC situations. It was designed and established by Radek Wyrzykowski, the founder and creator of the IMC Club and former Sr. Program Manager at Experimental Aircraft Association as a membership network and a proficiency programs distribution platform.

“I am thrilled to work with Karen Kalishek and NAFI. I am delighted to help flight instructors employ their talent and support them in making themselves known to their neighborhood pilot community by getting engaged in improving pilot proficiency and safety and building their business. I believe this relationship benefits NAFI members and the General Aviation community at large,” – said Pilot Proficiency Network President Radek Wyrzykowski.

Radek established Pilot proficiency Network in March of 2022 to create a community of pilots who share information by fostering comradery to promote safety and build proficiency. It provides CFIs with a perfect forum to let them be known around their airport and increase aviation activity in their area, and, as a result, help their fellow pilots. At the same time, such action will allow them to build and increase their aviation business.

“I am happy that NAFI can participate in this exclusive offer from PPN for our members. NAFI’s objective is to provide resources to all flight instructors to raise and maintain their professional standing in the aviation community and flight instruction excellence. PPN’s offer supports NAFI’s vision of safer pilots through excellence in flight instruction and adds yet another tool to our array of available quality resources.” – said Karen Kalishek, Board Chair of the National Association of Flight Instructors.

Members of the National Association of Flight Instructors work as instructors at flight schools, universities, FBOs, corporate flight departments, airlines, and the military. Since 1967, NAFI and its members have been dedicated to increasing and maintaining the professionalism of flight instruction and continuously improving flight instruction.

NAFI members influence active pilots daily: students working to become pilots, current pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates, and pilots who seek to improve their skills with recurrent training. NAFI also advocates with industry and government as a voice for flight instruction. As a result, NAFI helps shape the current and future direction of flight training and increases aviation safety.

For more information: https://www.radeks.org/NAFI