Sarah Appleman, MS, OTR/L announced her new Tactile Sensitivity course, the first of her Play With Your Food courses. These courses are designed to be an affordable option to learn more in-depth about certain issues that children with sensory processing disorders face. In the Tactile Sensitivity course, Appleman discusses many of her frequently asked questions on the subject including what tactile defensiveness is, what the tactile function is for, and how parents can help their child overcome certain textures.

“Throughout my years, I’ve met many families who are struggling with sensory issues but can’t afford to seek help,” says Appleman, “When launching Play With Your Food, I’ve strived to deliver as many free or affordable resources as possible. These courses are meant to be like experiencing a session with me but at an incredibly affordable cost.”

In addition to an educational video from Appleman, the Tactile Sensitivity Course includes 4 exclusive activities that cover:

– Dry Textures

– Wet Textures

– Foam Textures

– Color/Pattern Recognition

The Tactile Sensitivity Course is now availiable at $9.99. For more information on this course, visit

The next course will be covering visual skills and is launching early June.

About Sarah Appleman:

Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L is a published Author, Speaker, and Pediatric Occupational Therapist for the past 20 years. In her newly released book, “Play With Your Food,” Sarah combines her passions of working with the special needs population and baking. Through fun, therapeutic interventions, activities, and tips, she guides caretakers and children to enjoy participation in the food preparation with fun games while improving the food tolerance of picky eaters.

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