ApostolicDAO, a new Christian Web3 community project, has announced its NFT collection, the “All Saints NFTs”. These NFTs will be digital icons for anyone interested in participating in online Christian charity, with all profits will be directed to the ApostolicDAO’s treasury. These NFTs will allow their holders to participate in the proposal and funding of Christian projects through governance of the ApostolicDAO and its treasury. Going forward, the ApostolicDAO will not only operate as a community for Web3 Christians, but also a seed fund to help prospective entrepreneurs and altruistic charity organizers.

A quote from the ApostolicDAO’s founder, Isaac Schick, explains the project as, “Web3 meets Christian good will. We hope to help bring Christian Charity to a space that not many Christians have felt noticed. What better way to start that off than with a collection of digital icons of the Saints.”

The saint icons (All Saints NFTs) are being designed by Deacon Laurence Klimecki, who has a master’s degree in Sacred Art from Pontifex University and has been studying and creating images of the saints for several decades. “With over 1,500 plus different recognized saints, giving each image the love and care it deserves in such a short timeframe would be near impossible for most artists. I’m very thankful I am able to provide my decades of study and experience to ensure that these icons are done right.”

Apostolic Dao’s NFT Collection will be launching on the Ethereum network with a total number of 10k pieces of digital art. The first release projected for august will be in the amount of the holy number 777. The discord has recently been opened and is accepting community members who would like to earn a spot on what is called a “Whitelist”. A whitelist is a collection of people who would like to be included with special access to the mint parameters. As the project develops over the next few months, transparency, trust, and education will be at the forefront of ADAO’s outreach to community members.

Apostolic Dao bridges the gap between Religion and Defi. They are a pioneer of the industry, creating, executing, and reaching a subsector of the market that has not been accessed yet. With big things still in the pipeline, it’s going to be a fun ride to watch as this project grows from the ground up organically.

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