Any tormenting heart looks for refuge and nothing is better than the exceptional compositions of Madly Me, the New York Artist is the best in this musical formation

Watertown, New York May 27, 2022 (  – He is a ‘One man band’ and his music is one of a kind. Madly Me knows the best ways to incorporate music with meaningful narration that it becomes inseparable. His pop-rock narrations have the power to soothe a tormenting heart. His freshly brewed track ‘Perfect’ has a healing touch to it. The slowed soft-spoken words along with the profound musical charm are extremely comforting. The song actually ‘feels like sunshine in a rainy day’. And his gripping voice has made the song even more compelling to witness. He has delivered another track recently called ‘Help’ that has some electronic touch to it along with some screaming dialects.

Born Douglas Freeman II in Watertown, New York, United States, he developed his passion for music at a very young age. And every music artist has inspired him in one way or the other to embark upon this never-ending journey. For the last 5 years, his wife is suffering from cancer and it has been a really hard time for him and his family to through such an emotionally devastating hard time. And his new album ‘Hope’ is a byproduct of his strengthened optimistic attitude. The New York Artist was previously associated with bands like Autumn’s Last Fall and Militia and gathered huge fame.

Social causes like anti-drug themes are extremely vivid in his narrations, as Madly Me’s experiences have motivated him to write such innovative and unique real-life lyrics for his songs. ‘Perfect’ has his soothing vibes along with words of wisdom and realism. Hence, ‘Help’ offered some appealing wordplay and the overall song offered some positive vibes along with it. And he has shared that he is working on the franchise of ‘Hope’ which will be released soon. Witness his tracks like ‘D.N.A.’, ‘Redeem’, ‘Help You Down’, ‘Grave’, ‘Hope’, ‘Get Away’, ‘Mean what you say’, and ‘Like You’ on SoundCloud.

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