EDB to provide financial support for frontline cleansing and security workers of post-secondary education institutions, non-government schools and kindergartens


     The Education Bureau (EDB) issued letters/circular memorandum today (May 27) to inform schools and related organisations of the details about the provision of an allowance for cleansing and security workers engaged by post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs), non-government schools and kindergartens (and their service contractors) under the sixth round of the Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF 6.0). It is estimated that the above measure will benefit around 33 000 frontline cleansing and security workers. The total expenditure is about $334 million.


     A spokesman for the EDB said that the AEF 6.0, with further extension of the coverage of the subsidy, will provide a monthly allowance of $2,000 for five months (the eligible months for the allowance are the months of February to June 2022) to frontline cleansing and security workers of PSEIs, non-government schools and kindergartens, with a view to giving financial support for their anti-epidemic efforts and recognition of their committed services provided at this critical juncture.


     Under the AEF 6.0, the Cleansing and Security Service Provider Subsidy Scheme for Non-Government Schools and Kindergartens will cover aided schools (including special schools), schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme, caput schools, schools under the English Schools Foundation, international schools, Private Independent Schools, kindergartens and private day schools offering full and formal curriculum. Cleansing and security workers directly employed by non-government schools and kindergartens as well as those deployed to perform duties at schools by the cleansing/security service contractors commissioned by schools are also eligible to apply for the allowance. The Cleansing and Security Service Provider Subsidy Scheme for Post-secondary Education Institutions will provide a special allowance to frontline cleansing and security workers engaged by 36 PSEIs (including the University Grants Committee-funded universities, the Vocational Training Council, and self-financing institutions offering locally accredited sub-degree and/or degree programmes) and their service contractors.


     In order to expedite the vetting process and provision of allowances, the applications should be submitted through PSEIs, schools or their service contractors. Frontline cleansing or security workers are not required to submit applications on their own. Upon receipt of disbursement of the allowances, PSEIs, schools and service contractors should disburse the allowances to eligible workers as soon as possible.


     The EDB has uploaded the letters/circular memorandum to the EDB website (www.edb.gov.hk/en/sch-admin/admin/about-sch/diseases-prevention/special_anti-epidemic_subsidy.html) or issued them to the relevant PSEIs, detailing the application and disbursement arrangements for the relevant allowances.