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Admin Tools

GULFPORT, Miss.May 26, 2022PRLog — We’ve been hard at work on something we are very excited to show you. As of today, the new and improved Admin Tools 2.0 is live! Our developers have been working on rebuilding this product from the ground up. Read on to find out more about Admin Tools 2.0.

Why 2.0?

Admin Tools was originally developed in 2015. Web standards have changed since then, and Admin Tools has dynamically adapted to those changes. However, the underlying infrastructure of the platform has now been reimagined to start fresh with the standards of today.

Esri has also introduced new item types, changed the way users are structured, and updated their APIs several times. As new functionality for managing ArcGIS Organizations have become available, we added new tools we never expected.

For these reasons, and more, we decided we needed to rebuild Admin Tools from the ground up. This new version of the ArcGIS management product you know is more sleek, more stable, and more secure than ever before. It’s architected to better adjust to new updates and improvements as time goes on. The design has been updated to use the Calcite Design System ( ), like our other products, creating a unified experience when working with the ABCs of ArcGIS and better aligning with Esri apps.

Over the past seven years, Admin Tools has grown far beyond our initial expectations, and we are very proud of that. We look forward to continuing that growth.

New Features

View Item Dependencies

We have updated the View Item Dependencies to utilize the interactive canvas that Backup My Org and Clean My Org both use. You can also save the dependency tree as an image file to share with others or use in reports.

Update Items Summary

Customers told us they needed a tool to edit an item’s summary, and we heard them! This new tool is located in the “Items” tab underneath the “Update” heading. When updating summaries, you can choose whether to add your edits to the existing summary or to replace it entirely.

Update Groups Delete Protection

Ever delete a group by mistake? It can be a hassle to re-create it, re-add everyone, and re-share the items. Save yourself the headache and protect your most important groups. In the same way that you can make sure you don’t accidentally delete important items, now you can ensure you don’t delete a group by mistake.


A big part of the restructure for Admin Tools 2.0 was implementing a caching system. Now, when you first open the application it fetches all of your content to have it ready for you. This will result in less time waiting for the application to fetch an item’s information, as well as speed up the time it takes for a search to finish. Caching allows us to create detailed filter options to allow you to quickly and easily choose your workflow content.

New Filtering Options

Thanks to our new caching system, we are also able to provide additional, robust filtering options, including list-based selection and case sensitivity.

Detailed Info During Tool Operation

When you run a tool, the results table now shows the status of each item, user, or group being processed. You can also view detailed logs, including error and warning messages.

Ability to Favorite Tools and Save Filters

You can mark a tool as one of your favorites. Favorite tools will be quickly accessible under a special tab for quick navigation. Similarly, you will be able to save filters you frequently use on each workflow. This will save you time while managing your ArcGIS Organization, one of the many ways Admin Tools makes your life easier.

“We are very excited to get the chance to modernize the look and feel and add new functionality with Admin Tools 2. With new features like favoriting tools and filters, we hope to make the life of ArcGIS Administrators even easier.” – Steven McCall, Director of Products

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