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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Lauren Hirsch Williams’ new #1 international best-selling book, “One Sense Ahead: Using Your Senses In An Uncommon Way To Accurately Read People & Win The Room.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day, May 20th.

Do you ever kick yourself after a meeting and wish you’d said or done something differently? We’ve all been there but now it’s time to leave your self-doubt and anxiety surrounding pitching, presentation skills, or participating in meetings in the past. It’s finally your turn to discover an empowering guide that can transform the outcome of your business interactions and help you MORE ACCURATELY READ PEOPLE & WIN THE ROOM every time you enter a meeting.

Do you feel your meeting presentation skills and involvement are falling flat? Or you’re not getting your ideas across as powerfully as you want. Do you consider yourself introverted and stress over networking and speaking at meetings? Do you want to be considered more dynamic or charismatic? It’s so easy to worry you’ll never impress those all-important investors, clients, or your boss? It’s a struggle to command the room in important meetings but remarkably simple to win the room with skills you already possess – your senses. With over thirty-five years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on top global brands, Lauren Hirsch-Williams has guided countless entrepreneurs towards massive success. Now she’s sharing her unique and powerful strategy for perfecting pitches, negotiating successfully, and winning over people in meetings so that everyone walks away happy.

“One Sense Ahead: Using Your Senses In An Uncommon Way To Accurately Read People & Win The Room” is a simple system, expertly designed to help you control the outcomes from virtual or face-to-face meetings, sales opportunities, or multi-person business discussions. With Hirsch-Williams’s personal anecdotes of successes as well as lessons gleaned from failure, you’ll learn the dynamic, innovative, and easy-to-remember “Wheel of Uncommon Influence®” protocol to tap into your innate instincts and never miss a business beat. By the time you finish reading and doing the exercises, you’ll feel more confident walking into any meeting, knowing you have the communication and public speaking skills you need to find clues and extract information that will help you achieve your objective going into the room. You already have the strength and power within you. One Sense Ahead will take the imposter syndrome out of your brain and move control and confidence in its place.

In “One Sense Ahead,” you’ll discover:

  • Ways to access your senses through the groundbreaking Uncommon Sensibility® method that makes you sharp as a fox when reading people
  • How to use the Wheel of Uncommon Influence® protocol to drive your confidence in meetings and steer the flow down a path to successful results
  • The keys to tune in to your gut feelings and make the best move possible in any situation no matter how difficult it may be
  • Methods for understanding how and when to accurately read people so that you gather clues crucial to decision-making
  • A detailed process for overcoming fear and accessing potent business communication skills to wow your audience and connect with them in a way that matters
  • Tips and tricks that help you clarify and then verify the hunches you get when in the room
  • The steps to engaging your analytical brain, busting insecurities, reclaiming power, and much, much more!

“One Sense Ahead” by Lauren Hirsch Williams will be free and available for download on Amazon for one more day (05/20/2022) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09ZJ8XBYG

“One Sense Ahead” has a 5.0-star rating on Amazon.com. Here’s what some people are saying:  

“This book is fantastic… Lauren clearly has the experience to know about what works in meetings and what doesn’t. Her successes and failures make it easy to understand the business insights she’s imparting on us. She uses stories that we can all relate to… even if they are situations we’ll never be in (such as meeting with a billionaire!)… to share her lessons. They all come together in the end, and it becomes very clear what any of us can do right now to improve our ‘wins’ in meetings. The genius in this book is the simplicity of the protocol and that it’s within reach for any of us. A great read and well worth your time!”  -Karen Y.

“This book will go down as one that is jammed packed with useful tools that you can start using right away! Tools to better your awareness in personal and business settings. Lauren, in a very clever way, walks you through how to read a room based on others motivations, perceptions and life experience. She helps you recognize how to go beyond the generalities of networking and once you can harness understanding this you can confidently go into any room like a Jedi!! Quickly assessing what next steps you need to take to hit your objectives. Understanding the inner-workers behind motivation is like having magic dust in your pocket and you will never go into a room the same!!! Fast, quick, clever and entertaining. Loved this read!” -Jenn L.

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About the author:

As a business professional, Lauren worked extensively in understanding how consumers think and buy. She spent nearly a decade working at PepsiCo handling Worldwide Advertising and Consumer Communications on all the Frito-Lay brands. This means she was involved in advertising, promotions, PR, branding, and customer insights on some of the most well-known brands in the world. Her work included business communication strategies and processes in over 40 countries on over 100 brands, including being part of the pioneering team that developed brand integration in film and TV as we know it today. She went on to work with entrepreneurs all over the world, in industries as diverse as home furnishing, gaming, food and artificial intelligence.