PMU marketing partner, Highstoke Media, announces the success of its new Highstoke Society program, evident in the substantial business growth realized by PMU artists participating.

Only four years after its inception, Highstoke Media has grown to become a leading marketing partner for permanent make-up artists in over 15 countries. Their strategies strive to eliminate the worry over acquiring clients and allow them to focus on their art. The recent launch of its Highstoke Society offers burgeoning artists the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills to grow their business. In just a few months, Highstoke Society members have realized significant gains, which Highstoke Media is proud to announce.

When Highstoke Media founder Danny Tran began his career in marketing, he did not envision entering the beauty industry. However, his marketing skills have proven a boon to PMU artists with relatively few options for advertising their services. The company’s goal quickly became clear — to expertly manage the PMU marketing so that talented make-up artists can grow their customer base and fill their schedules.

“We’re not just helping build businesses,” remarked Danny Tran, Founder and CEO of Highstoke Media. “We are helping our partners hit their goals and build their dream careers — all while positively impacting their families and communities. It can be life-changing.”

Highstoke Society has become the top PMU growth community in just a few short months, providing both resources and learning opportunities. Participants entering the program may struggle to get more clients through the door and lack time to invest in marketing strategies that may not be yielding results. The program gives them the tools and resources to grow their network and establish their personal brand. These resources sustain their current business and help them realize their goals.

“The results that our artists in the Highstoke Society are seeing are amazing,” said Tran. “Participating in the Society allowed one artist to achieve her 180 days goal in just a few weeks. Another was able to increase her bookings from four per month to four or five a week. That’s huge. As we continue to enroll more artists, I am excited to see all they can achieve once they know how to grow a PMU business.”

Highstoke Media is the official partner of the annual Las Vegas PMU Conference. They partner with some of the biggest names in the PMU industry. They have worked with over 1100 luxury PMU partners to close deals, book appointments, and grow their businesses.

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About Highstoke Media

Highstoke Media is a global multi-million dollar marketing partner impacting the lives of thousands of PMU artists around the world. They aim to help worldwide PMU artists build their dream business so they never have to worry about new clients again, while helping them serve more people and impact their community.