In 2021, NFT Art (Non-Fungible Token) has surpassed the world market of Fine Arts trading over 30 billion dollars. The NFL, F.I.F.A., F1, companies, celebrities, athletes, events, etc., the list is endless and all immersed in the NFT world. Many experts agree that the NFT market could overtake the cryptocurrency market in a not-too-distant future.

The Tennis Pro-Tour Club NFTs Collection is composed by 11,600 handcrafted images created over the last 20 years and it sets a precedent in NFT art. The Collection represents the daily life of a club dedicated to professional tennis, players, expressions, balls, tennis history, strokes and more, in a collection in where traditional and virtual art coexist.

The Tennis Pro-Tour Club was born from the hand of Ernesto Ruiz Bry, former coach of great tennis figures of the 80s and 90s (G. Vilas, R. Agenor, G. Markus, Mary Jo Fernández, and many more), currently a plastic artist world-wide known for his unique large-format collages.

Contrary to most NFT collections, which are based on a single image with thousands of random variations computer produced, the Tennis Pro-Tour Club is made up of hundreds of different images, all hand-made, most of them accompanied by a Fine Art Print reproduction in limited edition, with an average size of 100 x 80 cm.

All NFTs in the collection are accompanied by interesting unlockable content, accessible upon purchase. The collection Roadmap shows all the benefits that buyers can have. Once a tier is achieved, an important contribution to development of tennis in disadvantaged regions is made.

The collection will be released for sale on June 3 at 4:00 PM, GMT on the Opensea and Crypto NFT platforms, the different types of memberships with interesting gifts and discounts are already available, as well as the registration to the Whitelist for advance purchase.

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