TEAM Concept Printing establishes the TEAM LEGACY Program to enhance already strong commitment to green printing, sustainability and community outreach efforts

TEAM Concept Printing, a national leader in commercial printing, packaging, and fulfillment services, launched their enhanced commitment to serving others through their TEAM LEGACY program. The program is another example of TEAM’s longstanding commitment to their customers, suppliers, the print industry and community.

The TEAM LEGACY program and strategic effort is centered on three core principles:

• Making a Positive Community Impact

• Enhancing Sustainability Practices & Urgency Within Our Operations

• Advocating for all Positive Aspects of the Commercial Print Industry

TEAM LEGACY sets the stage to dedicate the next chapter of the company’s growth to leaving a positive path for future commercial print providers to follow. Each principle of TEAM LEGACY contains clear actions and responsibilities that benefit the TEAM family – customers, suppliers, and community.

Although serving the community and providing top level service has been a focal point of TEAM Concept Printing’s business since it was founded in 1997, the TEAM LEGACY program formally sets clear goals and operating practices that make positive impacts in the community and for the environment.

“We are honored to share that TEAM has embarked on an ambitious initiative in our sustainability practice – to offset 100% of our paper and electric consumption by the end of 2023,” explains Tony Rouse, Founder and President of TEAM Concept Printing.

TEAM has assigned a core group of senior print professionals to maintain and focus on each impact area. The group was selected by TEAM’s senior leadership for their passion for their respective departments and ability to make a positive impact in the operation.

Tammy Jensen, Customer Service Manager and TEAM LEGACY Project Lead commented; “I am honored to be a part of this program and truly believe that this group will enhance the already impressive work that we deliver within our community and industry. This program will bring our GREEN printing program to a whole new level.”

Tony Rouse stated that the intent of the LEGACY Program was to, “to be known as an incredible steward to our community, the environment, and to our TEAM, before we want to be known as a commercial printer.”

For more information about TEAM Concept Printing, please contact: Tammy Jensen, Customer Service Manager, PHONE:630-909-1105. EMAIL:

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