Over the years, actiPLANS has gained the trust of hundreds of businesses from different parts of the world by proving to be an efficient and reliable absence management system. The new release is bringing actiPLANS to an even higher level, where it takes on a new role of a flexible work scheduling solution.

actiPLANS work scheduling functionality allows you to do four things::

– Add bespoke work types to your account

– Schedule them on the visual timeline

– Notify colleagues about work schedule changes via email

– Analyze the use of resources across different types of work

In other words, actiPLANS lets you freely choose what kind of work to allocate to your team. You can create versatile employee shifts, project activities, corporate events – or pretty much anything you want – and then distribute them across your staff members on the timeline.

All these great capabilities you can get starting from $1.2 USD user/month.

For more information on actiPLANS, visit https://www.actiplans.com/