KlimaDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization geared toward driving climate action through its carbon-backed and climate-friendly KLIMA token, announced today that its first on-ramp payment solution, the Mobilum payment gateway, is now live.

As KlimaDAO continues to prove itself as the engine that catalyzes innovation in the emerging on-chain “Regenerative Finance” (ReFi) sector, the organization strives to improve access to the market through key partnerships with payment technology solutions such as Mobilum Technologies, Inc.

KlimaDAO core contributor Leontari commented: “It is KlimaDAO’s mission to democratize the fight against climate change. Our goal is to empower everyone—from large institutions down to individuals—to be able to participate in the carbon market. Our integration with Mobilum is a big step forward toward this goal. Mobilum enables users to easily acquire KLIMA through their Mastercard or Visa credit cards.”

To date, KlimaDAO has incentivized the creation of deep liquidity on the Polygon network for the trading of tokenized carbon assets, enabling the flow of value and funding to real-world projects that are mitigating climate change. Different ReFi applications have emerged to take advantage of this liquidity: Toucan Protocol was the first to enable bridging of carbon credits on to Polygon, while more recently C3 app has launched a unique incentive system to reward carbon market participants.

The use cases for tokenized carbon are multiplying – artists and musicians, for example, have used on-chain carbon to offset the carbon footprint of their NFTs, and turning them into carbon sinks that absorb and lock carbon credits over time, producing climate-positive outcomes. Through the integration of the Mobilum gateway, the friction of onboarding new users into this regenerative ecosystem has been significantly reduced.

Mobilum boasts low processing fees of just 2.99% per transaction as users’ funds are routed from their traditional credit/debit cards into the KLIMA liquidity pools in decentralized exchanges on the Polygon blockchain. Users will also be able to sell their cryptocurrency assets and redeem them as gift cards in over 80 countries.

As a key partner helping the Polygon blockchain implement its $20M green manifesto, KlimaDAO’s strategic partnership with Mobilum marks a significant step toward mainstream adoption, with non-crypto natives now able to easily join the on-chain fight against climate change.

In less than two months since the release of the KlimaDAO carbon retirement aggregator, the collective effort of its partners and the 60,000+ strong “Klimate” community has resulted in the retirement of over 135,000 tonnes of on-chain Verra registry carbon credits, including those sent with messages through the Love Letter to the Planet campaign. This is equivalent to the annual emissions of over 29,000 passenger vehicles, or 333.5 million miles driven.

About KlimaDAO

KlimaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on increasing demand for carbon credits. By accelerating the price growth of carbon assets, KlimaDAO strives to motivate companies to reduce their emissions. KlimaDAO currently holds over 17 million tonnes of CO2 in its treasury, equivalent to 86,265 hectares of forest, 3,750,662 cars (annualized), and 512,237,524 liters of gasoline. There are over 60,000 KLIMA holders or “Klimates,” 40,000 users in the KlimaDAO Discord, and 70,000 KlimaDAO Twitter followers.

About Mobilum

Mobilum Technologies Inc. is a technology-driven Digital Service Provider (DSP) with a mission to make traditional finance accessible through digital payment infrastructure and digital asset management technologies, providing solutions for Exchanges, Wallets and Cryptocurrency Businesses, NFTs marketplaces, Protocols, Decentralized Applications, Metaverse and Play-to-Earn games. Our goal is to allow consumers around the world to convert fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat with Mobilum’s on-ramp and off-ramp solutions. Mobilum has offices in Canada, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and the United States. For further information, go to Mobilum.com.

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