The music project aligns with the statement of Pearlman who once said, “Boy bands will stop when God stops creating teen girls,” with the producers using handwritten instructions left behind by the late boy-band impresario to create a new generation of boy bands.

The producer said, “I have letters that Mr. Pearlman wrote specifically for the purpose of creating a boy band. These were instructions how he wanted a new group to be formed, down to the smallest detail. These will be used as blueprints to create a new singing group.”

Pearlman created music superstars like the Backstreet Boys, Nsync, LFO, and many, many others. Using his written letters, I will create a new generation of singing groups that will be reminiscent of the past music scene of the 90s, filling the huge gap in the teen pop music genre in over 10 years. When this group becomes a huge success, it will be like Pearlman was directing it’s formation from the grave.”

Boy bands have dominated the music scene over the years, with the likes of One Direction being the last massively successful group who broke up in 2015. However, currently, there are no pop artists dominating the music scene, which is why the producers are looking to change the narrative by leveraging the expertise of one of the biggest advocates of boy bands.

The dream is create a resurgence of pop music in the U.S and other parts of the world while noting Pearlman’s last dream of creating that one last supergroup before his sudden death in 2016 from heart failure. The Pearlman-inspired music project will undoubtedly chart a new course in the music scene when it becomes a success, considering the feats achieved by the late American record producer during his lifetime.

Pearlman helped to build the Backstreet Boys in 1993 before taking his expertise to develop another award-winning boy band, NSYNC, in collaboration with music manager Johnny Wright. Pearlman immediately became a music mogul following the successes of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, going ahead to manage and co-create several other boy bands, including O-Town from the hit reality show, Making The Band on ABC/MTV, LFO, Take 5, Natural, Marshall Dyllon, and US5. He also owned a large Orlando-based entertainment complex, which included a recording studio, Trans Continental Studios, and a dance studio near Disney World, named O-Town.

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