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About Robert N. Michaelson

Bob Michaelson is a co-founder and co-managing member of Advisory Trust Group. Bob has nearly 40 years of experience as a bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, and restructuring attorney. His practice includes general commercial litigation in both the state and federal courts as well as corporate matters.

About Advisory Trust Group, LLC

Advisory Trust Group, LLC, provides comprehensive post-confirmation trustee and plan administration services in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Our objective is to ensure that the trust functions properly and achieves its goals and that the interests of creditors are fairly addressed.

Event Summary:

In the face of a global pandemic, bankruptcy mechanisms have become increasingly relevant. With the spike of COVID-19-related business bankruptcy filings, post-confirmation liquidation and litigation trusts have been utilized more frequently.

However, the role of these methods in the resolution of Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases also highlights the need for an in-depth understanding of potential issues and implications involved. Moreover, the creation of post-confirmation litigation or liquidation trust requires a well-written and strategic reorganization plan because of its complexity.

In this LIVE Webcast, leading bankruptcy experts Robert N. Michaelson (Advisory Trust Group, LLC) and Cathy L. Reece (Fennemore Craig, P.C) will provide an in-depth analysis of the critical aspects of post-confirmation liquidation and litigation trusts as well as their potential effects on your business.

Key topics include:

• Post-Confirmation Liquidation & Litigation Trusts: An Overview

• Potential Risks and Pitfalls in Liquidation & Litigation Trust

• Recent and Relevant Court Decisions

• Protective Measures and Best Compliance Practices

• An Outlook

About The Knowledge Group

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