BLP Better Life Products announced this week that will soon be offering G Five for Men and G Five Menopause for women.

“This is fantastic news,” said Steve Cullen, CEO of BLP Better Life Products, the maker of G Five health supplements. “We recently had the opportunity to meet interested buyers from both large and small retail chains and received great feedback. Our team is already busy filling G Five health supplements orders for retailers right across the U.S.”

“The ‘G’ in G Five stands for Ginseng, a medicinal root that has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since 196 AD,” Cullen said. “Asian cultures have used Ginseng for centuries to relieve pain, improve mood and increase energy and vitality for men and women.”

G Five and G Five Menopause give men and women the opportunity to live more connected and vibrant lives.

“We also recently launched G Five Menopause to the retail buyers,” he said. “G Five Menopause specifically unlocks the power of Siberian Ginseng to bring soothing relief and peace of mind to millions of women. This is a product we believe women have been waiting for.”

Cullen said, “We founded BLP on the combination of nature and science. The G Five formula uses the best ingredients in the correct ratio and a breakthrough processing method. This is what separates G Five from other products on the market. G Five begins a new era for men and women’s health.”

Cullen added that BLP’s technology means the body absorbs the raw materials faster allowing their effects to be released earlier and with more intensity.

“You will feel the power of G Five much faster.”

RevNutrition will soon carry G Five, which is already available on

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About BLP

Everything BLP stands for has been captured in our first product – G Five. We believe nature has provided our body with everything it needs. Our philosophy is that we all deserve to live the best life we can and BLP’s exclusive process, which optimizes the effectiveness of the Ginseng extract, makes achieving this more possible than ever. G Five invigorates men’s lives by unleashing the power lying dormant within.