A New AI-powered tool was developed to form genuine connections and close more deals

With marketing and sales trends changing rapidly, and the inboxes of potential clients filling up faster than ever, it can be challenging to cut through the clutter. Commonality by The Endurance Group gives companies an edge over the competition by leveraging one of their most valuable, and underused, assets: social capital.

Historically, sales activity has been limited to the sales department. Commonality shifts this paradigm, enabling the entirety of an organization to participate in the sales process by analyzing a team’s unique skills, interests and backgrounds in relation to a potential client, previously unseen connections are brought to the surface, which become the keystone of messaging and outreach. Ties can be as simple as a shared alma mater, or as niche as a common passion for animal welfare.

“The Endurance Group’s “secret sauce” to opening doors with new prospects is to first establish a relationship based on a common connection, background or interest, rather than charging right in with a   product or service presentation says company founder Jim Sullivan. “Finding that one common tie is all it takes to get your foot in the door – we’ve developed Commonality to bring those ties to light.” – James Sullivan, Founder and President of The Endurance Group

This plug-and-play offering starts by assessing a company’s Social Capital Inventory (SCI). A SCI report captures, in one place, the employment history, academic history, and volunteer organizations for each employee.

With SCI insight collected, a Commonality Report is generated within the platform  based on ideal targets for a predefined sales objective. The resulting report is ready to be utilized in sales efforts, containing highly relevant leads and their shared social ties to be leveraged in messaging.

The tool has shown proven success in beta trials.

“Commonality was initially developed for internal use, allowing The Endurance Group to support clients to connect with their prospects on a deeper level,” says Sullivan. “There was such a positive reception, it was clear the need to roll it out as its own offering.” – James Sullivan, Founder and President of The Endurance Group

Using complex algorithms, Commonality searches for connections between a company’s employees and decision-makers of a target prospect.  Through our research we have found that corporate executives are 25% to 35%more receptive to outreach from someone who they have a common connection with.  (i.e. former employer, high school or college, fraternity,  family friend etc.)   The stronger the  connection – the higher probability of securing a relationship. With a relationship established, the path to a new sale becomes much easier.

While transforming B2B sales is the first mission of Commonality, future plans include using Commonality to help B2C companies better understand their customers’ work history, academic history and volunteer causes.  This information can be used to better understand and sell to existing customers and identify and target customers with similar backgrounds.

“The Endurance Group’s strategy of using shared experiences to establish connections and book meetings with prospects has worked incredibly well for FenestraPro. Their efforts have resulted in an average 30% response rate and has started conversations with key firms that we’d been interested in pursuing for years.” – David Palmer, CEO & Founder, FenestraPro

This new offering is continuing its rollout with international clients. In sum, Commonality is allowing both sales teams and clients to prosper by forming quality connections and genuine conversations.

“The foundation of SaltGrid’s success has been our domain expertise in the areas of human safety and data analysis. Our growth strategy had previously relied on referrals from industry leaders. The Endurance Group’s efforts to expand our business through networking with like-minded health and safety leaders have helped SaltGrid develop new business relationships across the globe.” – Chris Aitken, CEO, SaltGrid

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the sales process, The Endurance Group’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of Commonality.

To learn more about Commonality, please visit: https://theendurancegroup.com/commonality/

About Commonality

Commonality is a cutting-edge sales platform created by industry-leading marketing, sales and business development experts designed to breathe new life into the the modern sales experience, and increase conversion rates upwards of 40%. Commonality enables authentic communication with prospects by making the most of a team’s unique social ties. This AI-powered tool delivers ready-made lead lists, which feature ideal prospects who share traits with any company’s team such as alma mater, a passion for golf, hometown and much, much more. With Commonality, prospecting is a thing of the past. Instead, focus valuable time building genuine relationships with engaged clients.