The International Precision Medicine Forum: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease will be hosted by researchers from the Valdecilla Research Institute (IDIVAL), Paula Iruzubieta and Javier Crespo, and Jeff Lazarus, Head of Health Systems Research Group at IS Global of Barcelona (NAFLD). This virtual forum is to take place between May 9 and 18, 2022.This forum will include an updated training program in which clinicians and researchers will discuss the problems and important components of research on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This news is being released by Index of Sciences Ltd.

Since the forum is online, it intends to have a wider and more diverse audience both nationally and internationally.  Registration is completely free. This is the link to register:

For the ease of the participants, attendance is not mandatory. One can attend different sessions or the entire program as per their convenience. To gain a wider reach, the slides from each presentation will be in English while a few will be in both Spanish and English.

The forum will take place between 4pm to 7pm Spain time. At the end of each session, an interactive discussion will be organized between the speakers and the attending clinicians and researchers.

An overview of the program is listed below;

  • On May 9, researchers from around the world will talk about the concept, epidemiology and burden of this disease. Speakers include
  •  Jeff  Lazarus (USA)
  •  Javier Crespo (Spain)
  • Marco Arrese (Chile) and
  •  Graciela Castro (Mexico)
  • On May 10th, the pathogenic basis of the disease will be discussed at length. Speakers include
  • Dr. Martínez- Chantar (Spain) and Dr. Paula Iruzubieta (Spain) will shed light on their translational research.
  • Expert hepatologist and an endocrinologist, Drs. Schattenberg (Germany) and Antonio Pérez (Spain) will elucidate about the screening and the relationship of this disease with diabetes.
  • On May 11th clinical trials pertaining to NAFLD will be presented. Speakers will include
  • The first two presentations will be given by Dr. Mary E Rinella (USA) and Dr. John F. Dillon (Dundee, United Kingdom), who will talk about the objectives and difficulties of NAFLD trials.
  • Dr. Calleja (Spain) and Dr. Crespo (Spain) will present us with two very original clinical trials: the efficacy of endoscopic vertical gastroplasty and fecal microbiota transplantation as in patients with NASH.
  • On May 16, clinical trials will be further discussed but from an industry point of view. Speakers will include
  • Juan Basterra, (Spain)-CEO of a startup company
  • Salvador Augustin (Spain)-Senior Clinical Program Leader of a large company
  • Dr. Kenneth Cusi (USA) will speak about the necessary multidisciplinary vision of this

  • On May 17, impact of the change of habits of patients and its influence on the improvement in this disease will be discussed. Speakers will include
  • Dr. Romero (Spain)-Role of nutrition in NAFLD
  • Dr. Bataller (USA) Role of alcohol and how we can evaluate its consumption
  • Shira Zelber-Sagi (Israel)
  • Eva Pérez Bech and Dr. Albillos. Real needs of patients
  • On the closing date i.e. May 18, NAFLD as a public health opportunity will be presented. Speakers include
  • Dr. Arias (Spain)-how telemedicine can help
  • Dre. Mateo (Spain) and Jeff Lazarus -Keys to global public health agenda for NAFLD

Each registered participant will be sent (at the end of the program) the presentations and an e-book with the main contributions of each speaker.

About International Precision Medicine Forum organized by IDIVAL

The International Precision Medicine Forum organized by IDIVAL began on February 14, which intends to review, from the perspective of different specialties and fields of knowledge, the main aspects related to clinical research and precision medicine.

For its first phase, the program currently has almost a hundred talks planned, given by national and international speakers who are leaders in their field, who will review the main challenges and aspects of clinical research. A program endorsed by the ITEMAS platform and the Biobanks and biomodels platform of the Carlos III Health Institute and the Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology  and which has the collaboration of scientific societies, more than 60 international institutions and the support of 8 large pharmaceutical companies. till the date.

Liver disease is one of the leading causes of lost years of working life in Europe, second only to ischemic heart disease. And, without a doubt, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most frequent cause of chronic liver disease in our environment. Progress in the prevention and treatment of NAFLD is closely linked to the understanding of this disease from the pathophysiological and clinical point of view as a basis for a better definition of risk factors, the establishment of adequate predictors of disease progression, the definition of new biomarkers. and the individualization of therapy adjusted to the characteristics of each patient. This module will review the main advances in this disease by some of the world’s leading specialists in this field. Without a doubt, a course that will allow us to dive deep into this disease.

This program offers a qualitative leap in the training of precision medicine and clinical research, thus offering advanced knowledge of the research process.

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