“I’m passionate about serving the gay community, as there is a huge presence of wellness in this city. There are so many incredible small businesses in the area, and I wanted to see them represented properly, and gain visibility. Their services are essential for our wellbeing, particularly as we slowly emerge from this global pandemic,” said Peter DeWitt, CEO and Founder of Gay Wellness.

All of the providers listed on the site have been vetted, reviewed by other members of the community, and are currently available. This has been a sore spot for the gay community – as many gay men have not been able to find gay or gay-friendly wellness services. Many of them work in spas, gyms, salons, and companies without being accessible.

Gay Wellness puts the health and wellness of the gay community front and center, as an area that needs to be addressed in the community. “We know that LGBTQ+ folks are twice as likely as heterosexuals to experience mental health issued. At least 53% of older LGBTQ+ people feel isolated, and suffer from anxiety and depression. We have needs in our community that have not been directly addressed,” says Matthew Bronson, a health educator and massage therapist.

About Gay Wellness

Gay Wellness (gaywellness.com) is an online platform that connects clients with quality gay massage therapists and wellness practitioners. We are more than just a directory—we are a hub for connection and learning in a friendly, growth-oriented environment.

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