Tiny Transitions provides coaching to help kids sleep through the night. The company’s Alabama-based coach, Kiley Pickett, combines her backgrounds in in-home sleep consulting and occupational therapy to help infants and toddlers develop healthy sleep habits.

Alabama families struggling with sleepless babies have reason to hope. Tiny Transitions sleep coach, Kiley Pickett, is bringing her unique blend of occupational therapy and sleep consulting expertise to Alabama homes to help families get the sleep they desperately need.

Tiny Transitions is a Philadelphia-based sleep consultant firm specializing in gentle, customized methods that help babies adopt healthy sleep routines. The company’s “Slumber Squad” consultants are spread throughout the country and offer virtual and in-home sleep consulting services to bring order to the chaos of infant and toddler sleeplessness.

Different Slumber Squad consultants have different backgrounds, and Pickett’s years of experience in occupational therapy giv her a unique ability to set up routines that prepare children to sleep on a consistent schedule. Pickett works with families in and around her home base of Huntsville, Alabama and also provides virtual coaching for families farther afield.

Pickett’s interest in sleep consulting was born of her transition from her career as an occupational therapist to motherhood.

“Breastfeeding and sleep deprivation took over my life. My son would scream for hours on end, and the lack of sleep plunged me into postpartum depression,” said Pickett. “What I envisioned would be a peaceful time turned out to be chaos. I loved my son, but I was afraid of him and what he was doing to my life. My anxiety had no limits.”

Pickett earned her sleep consultant certification through Tiny Transitions and draws on the company’s proprietary SleepSteps® method to help sleepless infants as well as toddlers experiencing sleep regression. The method was founded on research from physician assistants, psychologists, doulas, and lactation counselors.

While there are many sleep methods out there, Pickett says that no single method fits every child or family. She starts her work with a consultation and creates a program that is customized to the unique needs of each family.

Tiny Transitions has been featured by national media outlets such as Romper, Parentology, Yahoo, Thrive Global, and Fatherly. Courtney Zentz, the company’s founder, trains sleep coaches and also provides business training to help these coaches succeed by marketing and scaling their businesses. To learn more, visit www.TinyTransitions.com.

About Tiny Transitions

Tiny Transitions aims to help families build healthy sleeping habits and restore order in their homes. They offer a completely unique approach to sleep coaching and sleep training.