Hustle Drops are designed with athletes in mind, helping them perform at their best every time.

While many workout supplements rely on stimulants to boost athletic performance, Hustle Drops, an all-natural pre-workout supplement, is taking a new approach by focusing on respiratory support. It leverages the power of organic peppermint to encourage better oxygen flow and, in turn, reduce fatigue, boost energy, and increase focus for better and longer workouts.

“We want to be completely transparent and focus on one main ingredient, peppermint, while augmenting its effects with secondary ingredients. The proper form of peppermint, taken in the right way, can provide incredible benefits. One of the main goals of Hustle Drops, and the parent company DropFX, is to show the world the amazing utility of nature.” says the team from Hustle Drops.

With peppermint, specifically L-Menthol, a potent muscle relaxant and local anesthetic, as its base ingredient, the product is tirelessly fined-tuned to align with the needs of athletes and high-performing individuals. As a natural decongestant and relaxant, peppermint helps relax and open the airways, increasing brain oxygen concentration.

Beyond supporting better oxygen flow, peppermint is also known to provide relief from mental exhaustion and stress due to its refreshing aroma. For athletes who are often under a lot of pressure, this is beneficial in preventing restlessness and staying focused as they go through their tasks.

In addition to peppermint, Hustle Drops is formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients, carefully selected for their synergistic benefit to the body. Ingredients include monk fruit, mint, coconut oil, and wintergreen oil – each with antioxidant and brain-boosting properties.

Hustle Drops builds on the premise that increased oxygen availability leads to more muscular output, faster reaction time, and active recovery. Every cell in the body is designed to use up oxygen to fuel essential functions. When the oxygen levels drop, the body and the mind start to falter. Many feel sluggish, and their concentration begins to blur.

During exercise, the muscles work harder and use more oxygen to produce the energy it needs. This is why breathing and heart rates increase. Hustle Drop’s combination of ingredients helps improve lung health and open the airways, pulling more oxygen to the body and enabling athletes to work harder for longer while staying focused and recovering faster.

Hustle Drops come in 30 ml (1 oz) bottles, serving approximately 60 doses. Users are recommended to start with a small dose, around 1-2 drops, and gradually increase their dosage to up to 1 ml/day for fitness supplementation.

The product is available for delivery across the US and internationally.

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