Today it has over 700 stores across the U.S and over 5000 employees. Its revenue amounted to be over $200M in 2021. However, NEC Unified Solutions ended at $182.4M last year.

These figures show how much financially and physically it has grown and spread throughout the years. The business model used in the establishment of this company revolves around the customer-centric approach.

The credit for its success goes to its pioneers; Ken Khan and his friends whose determination and efforts accumulated in the rise of this company to the peaks of colorful accomplishments and achievements.

Mobilelink USA was awarded as the best top performer by Cricket Wireless and was regarded as its main retailer in 2017. The subsequent list of recognitions and awards goes on praising a shell case of its success stories.

It has been 17 years since its inauguration and the fact that this was the collective effort of three Pakistani entrepreneurs astound the U.S business world the most.

Today, Mobilelink USA is known as one of the noteworthy competitors in the U.S telecom retail industry among Victra, Skynet Wireless, Nemhans, and many others. It promises to deliver the best customer service experience in the U.S market.