Allied Permits now approved to offer temporary trip (IRP) and fuel (IFTA) permits for heavy use vehicles traveling in Maine.

Allied Permits expanded today into the state of Maine, allowing truckers and transporters in the Pine Tree State another state approved option to quickly and easily obtain necessary fuel and trip permits. The customer-centric company boasts a paperless platform that delivers online permits in minutes, and can be used anywhere there is an internet connection, allowing vehicle operators the option to file while en route.

“Maine has many heavily traveled border crossings along the Canadian border, with some being major truck portals, and has sizable interstate trucking activity,” noted company Founder and President Vince Carney. “We are working to expand to all states in the northeast corridor to make interstate permit acquisition easy for transporters.”

According to the Maine DOT, trucking is the ruling mode for freight shipments, accounting for nearly 90% of all freight tonnage that moves within, from, and across the state. International trade with Canada, as well as the transporting of forest products, seafood, and other commodities in the northeast make for a bustling transportation industry.

Many commercial trucks that frequently travel interstate or internationally will apply for and display an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) decal as well as an International Registration Plan (IRP). These arrangements assure that states earn their fair share of registration and fuel tax without requiring trucks to register in every region. Fuel permits are required by any vehicles with three or more axles, or any vehicles over 26,000 pounds as well as vehicles traveling in multiple IFTA member jurisdictions. Trip permits are required for any vehicle that travels to another IRP jurisdiction that has either three or more axles or weighs over 26,000 pounds.

However, obtaining IRPs and IFTAs is not necessary for all transporters or heavy vehicle drivers. For those not frequently traveling interstate, a much easier and more economical alternative is a fuel and trip permit.  Even trucks with IRPs will often use temporary trip permits when planning a route that takes them through a region they don’t usually travel within.

About Allied Permits

Founded by Vince Carney in Kansas City, MO, Allied Permits seeks to streamline the process for those looking to obtain fuel and trip permits. The company is currently licensed and operating for providing permits in the states of Connecticut, Maine and Michigan, but plans to expand to more states soon. For more information, please visit or email