Digital Saturdays is a collaboration between Milagro Center and GBDCEI Center for Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship, and STEAM. The program provides professional development for Palm Beach County students interested in digital marketing. Beginning on Saturday, April 23, and the following four consecutive Saturdays, the interns recruited and paid by the Milagro Center, will report to GBDCEI to learn and execute digital marketing campaigns for local businesses and nonprofits. The interns will use GBDCEI’s mobile entrepreneurship, leadership, and training computer bus as a staging area to create and post social media content. “The program is designed to meet young people where they are and guide them on using social media and digital marketing positively,” said Gray, Founder of GBDCEI. “We focus on leadership, professional, and entrepreneurial in addition to global citizenship,” she continued.

Local nonprofits and small businesses interested in increasing organic content for their social media campaigns are welcome to come out and interact with the interns. Interaction includes taking photos and videos together, ink, sharing, tagging, and following each other. Interested parties should contact GBDCEI by sending an email to

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