American Hospital Association 2021 statistics show that one out of every five U.S. hospitals is now owned by a for-profit corporation. Profiteers often select anesthesiology as a service to economize on.

In this peri-pandemic story, anesthesiologist Dr. Chessie Dolans and his physician associates suspect that falsified patient records and equipment malfunctions in their operating rooms are being deliberately caused to make it appear that their hospital’s management is incompetent. While the doctors try to block the sale of their hospital to a for-profit corporation, an FBI agent struggles to determine who’s responsible for a series of medical mishaps.

Readers of this story will come to understand that they are never more at the mercy of medical expertise than when unconscious during surgery. They’ll also become wiser about their health care choices.

Author Dr. Beverly Hurwitz has written multiple novels derived from her experience as a physician. She has also authored hiking books.

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