Shirley Martucci, a young lady who connects with the counter-culture movement of the 1970s, is the protagonist and narrator of the novel. The narration has a lovely ’journalistic’ air, with Shirley speaking about previous events in the present tense. The reader receives an excellent identification of Shirley’s past, present, and future expectations within the first three pages. This feature makes it easy for readers to keep up with Shirley’s journey from North America through the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and back.


Left of Center is a fast-paced, adventure story set in the early 1970s amid the rise of the counter-culture movement of the hippies and flower children. It illustrates a time when the Department of Defense combines with the Drug Enforcement Agency, causing the price of marijuana to equal gold. It is an unabashed look at the ramifications and lifestyles produced during that era—from the origins of the Free Love movement in the 1850s, including the freedom symposiums for women.


The book also has an underlying topic–liberation in all senses of the word. While the characters investigate their families’ ancestral curse, readers envision a mysterious and surprising metaphysical trip. It is a spiraling journey into the past–back to the lifestyles of the affluent and famous in the 1980s.


Follow Darlene as she dives back in the past to present a historically-compelling read that illustrates what transpired during the turbulent era of the counter-culture movement. Discover how her strong heroine—Shirley—works toward ending a generational curse of domestic abuse, dysfunction, and corruption, through spiritual advancement. Get your copy today.


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Title: Left of Center

Author: Darlene Rebechi

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: April 2022

Book Genre: Action & Adventure


About the Author:

Darlene Rebechi grew up in the Baby Boomer Generation living outside of Washington. She divides her time with painting, writing and having fun with her daughters, living on the east coast of the United States.