CampMaid offers a high-quality cast iron line for campers looking for creative ways to cook their meals while exploring the great outdoors.

People across the United States turned towards hiking and camping during the pandemic, looking for accessible campsites to de-stress and spend quality time with their loved ones. While many Americans have actively participated in camping, hiking, and trekking trips during the last two years, experts have issued warnings regarding the hazards of using gasoline, kerosene, and other volatile liquids to start campfires. CampMaid has been offering safer cooking tools to make outdoor activities more fun.

Many grill-exploding accidents and burn injuries have recently been reported, with around 63% attributable to gasoline, 18% to kerosene, 19% to lighter fluid, and 7% to charcoal starter fluid. Ken Yocum, an entrepreneur, based in Utah, set out on a journey to make the cooking and preparation process easier for camping enthusiasts across the United States and Canada. After extensive research and many trials and errors, CampMaid launched top-notch cast iron cooking essentials and accessories in 2013.

Innovators at CampMaid launched a range of tools and accessories to make camping safer and easier for newbies and experts alike. “We launched the lid lifter, kickstand, heat-resistant gloves, collapsible charcoal chimney, and many other essentials to make camping much easier and fun. We work to ensure campers can enjoy hot meals under the stars after a long day of adventuring to explore the many wonders of mother nature. It was soon discovered that the campers could flip the lid of our Dutch oven to turn it into a griddle and even a pizza oven! The idea inspired us to release an innovative flip grill and charcoal holder heat source. The journey has now turned into a full-fledged, pre-seasoned line of multiple-sized custom Dutch ovens and tools, allowing campers to create an array of delicious recipes without the risk of potential injuries caused by traditional cooking methods,” shared a representative.

The company is dedicated to finding innovative outdoor cooking solutions and helping campers make the most of their trips. It regularly posts a variety of lunch, dinner, snack, and even dessert recipes for campers to try in their Dutch ovens on their YouTube channel. Detailed how-to guides are also available for those looking for ways to use and pack the tools to enhance efficiency. The company also has extensive guides on cleaning the Dutch ovens properly and extending their life while ensuring hygienic and delicious food every time.

CampMaid is an all-rounder solution for camping enthusiasts. Besides complete Dutch oven sets, they also offer the option to add accidental protection on purchases with CPS for up to 3 years to keep their customers safe and happy. Moreover, the company boasts countless positive reviews about their products and proficient customer support staff that tackles any potential issue promptly to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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CampMaid is an online start-up business based in Utah that sells high-quality and innovative camping equipment. This includes Dutch oven toolsets with lid lifters, stands, and charcoal holders, and pre-seasoned Dutch ovens. They ship their products to campers and hikers across the USA and Canada.

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CampMaid is the most safe and easy to use Dutch Oven Lid Lifter and holder For the avid Dutch Oven cookers, CampMaid is the best on the market Cast Iron kits and sets make Dutch Oven cooking easy.