Dr. Gaye Manwaring MBE, senior lecturer in education at the University of Dundee, is a well-known face on campus. For over fifty years, she has been at the forefront of the learning process, and has taught countless students during her tenure. With academic interests in educational technology, curriculum development, evaluation, distance learning, mentoring and wellbeing, she has seen remarkable changes in higher education over the decades.

Gaye has recounted her professional experiences in a new book, “Learning My Living,” which reveals the many ways in which the world of education has changed and developed since she first graduated. Drawing on examples from her varied experiences in the field, she considers how approaches to learning have evolved by examining not just the education sector in the UK, but in several different countries across the world.

From her own formative experiences in the British education system through to her award-winning university career, Gaye explains the vital importance of lifelong learning and explores the changing ways that education is continuing to empower lives and encourage exciting new approaches – an effort which has not only gained her a number of scholarly fellowships, but a UK Honour bestowed by the Queen.

Educated at the Universities of Exeter and Edinburgh, Gaye holds an honours degree in zoology and a PhD in biochemical genetics. During her time in Dundee, she has worked extensively with international students and her academic career has taken her to Canada, USA, Poland, Eire, The Netherlands, Croatia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Eritrea. She ran staff development courses for lecturers at the Universiti Sains in Penang in Malaysia, and worked at Murdoch University in Australia. She taught for many years on the Teaching Qualification for Further Education Lecturers and on Dundee’s courses for new university teachers.

“Learning My Living” is published by Extremis Publishing of Stirling, Scotland, and will be released on Friday, 15th April. For more information, please visit the Extremis Publishing website at: https://www.extremispublishing.com/learning-my-living.html.

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