There is a shift ongoing in the world of decentralized finance; a growing community of investors who are now looking to different blockchains that can offer a farther reach for the attention of larger, more optimistic players, while simultaneously looking to avoid the cesspool of mindless gambling that has plagued other blockchains.

Inspired by the token “Flokinomics,” a BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) token with over 21,000 holders, Crononomics has capitalized on this realization and has secured a position to become the new “nomics” of the Cronos blockchain.

Trust and Transparency via Utility

Not only is their first Play-To-Earn (P2E) game, and the first ever P2E game on Cronos, Crononomics V1, released, but the Crononomics and game-playing, money earning community is growing rapidly due to such. Trust and transparency is at the forefront of Crononomic’s value system. While they have already been audited by TechAudit, Crononomics has taken investor safety to a whole new level by developing a DAPP (decentralized-application) that investigates the tokenomics of other tokens, providing the ability to expose potential bad actors. An application of this utility and magnitude has yet to be released on the Cronos network.

Unparalleled Marketing, Developments, and Outreach

The V2 Crononomics website and whitepaper is now live and gaining its much deserved attention. Crononomics has been, and will continue to be working tirelessly and relentlessly to offer its community a safe haven of fun, utility, and innovation while staying true to their values of under-promising and over-delivering. Marketing has already commenced with various large billboard campaigns in Times Square, Space X, and Panama Beach. The Crononomics marketing efforts will persist on as they achieve global recognition. Profitable partnerships have also been confirmed with many Twitter and Telegram influencers. While the tokenomics safety checker DAPP is in building and development phase, staking and other future utility installations are also continuously in the works. Interested parties can simply join the Crononomics Telegram group and/or visit their new website to join the community and receive up-to-date information on Crononomics and their future progress.




Contact Email: contact ( @ ) Crononomics dot com