Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad (“Malaysian Genomics” or “the Group”), a leading genomics and biopharmaceutical specialist, was recently awarded a COVID-19 surveillance contract by the Institute for Medical Research (“IMR”), the biomedical research arm of the Ministry of Health (“MOH”). Malaysian Genomics is one of the private laboratories that IMR has engaged to outsource genome surveillance of SARS-CoV2.

Dato’ Alvin Nesakumar, Executive Director of Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad

Dato’ Alvin Nesakumar, Executive Director of Malaysian Genomics, said, “We are pleased to support IMR and MOH in this important effort to monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 virus, its variants and sub-variants. With our expertise and knowledge in genomics and bioinformatics, we can help IMR track and trace the virus for any variants of concern that the Government needs to be informed of as well as prepare for.”

Malaysian Genomics, whose cell laboratory is the only privately-owned BioSafety Level 2 (“BSL-2”) facility in Malaysia with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (“cGMP”) certification, is moving towards becoming a premier healthcare provider through the production of CAR T-cells for cancer immunotherapy for solid cancers, as well as other cell engineering services. BSL-2 and cGMP certifications indicate that a laboratory facility has stringent measures for biocontainment standards and ultra-pure laboratory environments to safely work on human cells.

The Group is also ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15189:2014 and ISO 17025:2017 certified under the Integrated Management System.

Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad:

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