“We are building upon our vision to become the world’s leading B2B pharma product platform. While quantity is sometimes a quality in itself, our product listings are curated by experienced pharmaceutical executives, featuring up to date rich CTD dossier information, helping companies to discover relevant medicines by product names, therapeutic areas, form categories, dose, dossier status or GMP approvals in a few clicks,” says CEO of Pipelinepharma, Mindaugas Zagorskis.

This set of information significantly reduces the time for selecting the compliant CTD dossiers for the audit. The platform also features a powerful search engine, enabling users to filter the products by any of the aforementioned criteria.

Based in the European Union, Pipelinepharma positions itself as the only true European B2B pharmaceutical marketplace focusing on finish dosage formulations.

“What makes Pipelinepharma unique is our focus on high-quality pharmaceutical and healthcare products from European manufacturers, hosting the products of the absolute majority of EU GMP manufacturers. These products command the high interest from Europe, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Asian, Middle East and South Africa markets, also boosting export volumes of European pharmaceutical companies,” says Mindaugas Zagorskis.

Pipelinepharma now hosts products from 1,800+ manufacturers, a double increase in a single year. It also features products from 600+ EU GMP and nearly 200 FDA manufacturers.

According to a B2B Pulse report by McKinsey & Company, two-thirds of corporate buyers now rely on digital and remote channels throughout their purchasing journey. Digital dealmaking now commands large-ticket purchases: more than one-third (35 percent) now say they are willing to spend $500 ,000+ over a single transaction. 15 percent of corporate decision makers are comfortable making purchases worth more than $1 million online.

The average deal size on the Pipelinepharma platform is 1.5M Eur with a 5 year license and supply agreement.

“With the addition of biosimilars, medical devices and nutraceutical categories in the coming months, we are aiming to attract new platform buyers, as well as better serve the needs of current customers, which include leading pharmaceutical companies, distributors and pharmacy chains,” adds Mindaugas Zagorskis.


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