The global massage therapy market size has witnessed a series of evolution. Drivers of the market include rising awareness about the effectiveness of massage as a remedy for treating various health reasons, including pain, soreness or spasm, and arthritis. Massage’s increasing popularity and effects have also led to the emergence of businesses looking to meet clients’ growing and diverse needs. However, such practices often face challenges finding insurance products that offer all-inclusive coverage.

The RMT Specific Protection Package covers Medical Malpractice Insurance, Commercial General Liability including Tenants Legal Liability and Limited Pollution Liability, Office Contents including Business Interruption and Crime, Equipment Breakdown, and Cyberattack Coverage. Features and benefits include excess medical malpractice coverage for associations, first dollar defence, abuse coverage, and relatively affordable premium from as low as $275.

Other risks covered options include:

Cyber and data breaches.


Covid-related circumstances that result in RMT getting sued.

Other issues.

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