As a Japanese brand, Mirai Clinical has developed a three-step plan to assist Ukrainian evacuees in response to the Japanese government decision to accept evacuees.

As Japanese companies prepare to help Ukrainian evacuees leaving the ongoing war, prompted by government decision to accept evacuees from the country, Mirai Clinical will be responding to the crisis in Ukraine by taking three actions.

  1. Donating their products made in Japan (Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bars & Face Masks)
  2. Arranging donations from other U.S.-based companies
  3. Introducing online job opportunities at Mirai Clinical, and fast-tracking hiring applications received from displaced evacuees

“Because we want to be able to help evacuees in a tangible way, we will also be donating our Soap Bars that are handcrafted in Japan. We will bundle them with our Face Masks, as Japan’s COVID guidelines require face masks to be worn in public at all times,” adds founder and CEO Koko Hayashi.

If your brand is interested in donating your products to Ukrainian evacuees in Japan, please contact Mirai Clinical at More details about their acceptance plan will be announced soon. Donations for all ages are welcome, including beauty products for women as they represent a significant percentage of the refugees (note that the status of the refugee is considered as “evacuee” by the Japanese government).

As the third action in their plan of aid, Mirai Clinical will also fast-track applications for Ukrainian evacuees based in Japan. “Our company is expanding rapidly, which means we are always looking for qualified members to fill open positions. Because we are a Japanese brand and the jobs are remote, I want to offer opportunities to the evacuees in Japan, considering the fact that the U.S. does not have a plan to accept the evacuees as of now,” said Koko Hayashi.

The position will be remote, so the candidates do not have to be located within the USA. They may prioritize applicants living in Japan as they are a Japanese founded brand and those who reside within the country would be able to complete any in-person tasks. Anyone who can communicate in English among Ukrainian refugees will be welcome to apply.

About Mirai Clinical

Mirai Clinical introduces Purifying & Deodorizing secrets from Japan that will help you feel fresh & confident at any age. A proud innovator of body, hair and home care products that fuse traditional Japanese ingredients with advanced science to provide a range of personal care products in the United States. For centuries, Japanese Persimmon extract has been used in Japan for its purifying and deodorizing benefits. Mirai Clinical’s mission is to develop naturally safe and exceptionally effective products that utilize this extract.