For anyone experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one to suicide, Vonne’s book is without a doubt the book they should read. Interested? Find out more and purchase a copy today at Amazon and visit her website at

Vonne Solís is the author of “Lessons in Surviving Suicide, A Letter to my Daughter”, “Divine Healing – Transforming Pain into Personal Power” and “The Power of Change”. After losing her twenty-two-year old daughter to suicide in 2005, as an Author, Life Transformation Coach and Course Instructor, Vonne is passionate about changing the way we view loss and grief and supporting the bereaved in their healing.


While the foundation for all Vonne’s work is based on the principles of self-responsibility, and the choice we have to heal, she understands that recovering from child loss, trauma and other devastating loss is complicated. Healing can present the bereaved with ongoing and complex challenges. Yet, Vonne remains optimistic that we can heal from the worst of our pain. Through her own journey to recover, she continues to inspire and encourage anyone suffering child loss, or other devastating loss, to courageously want more for their life and heal on their own terms through a gentle and compassionate approach.