The loosening of the real estate market is bringing real estate agents back into the investor role for fix and flips as well as rehabs.

Evergreen, Colorado, USA – WEBWIRE

The moment real estate agents have been waiting for is starting. Contrary to belief Realtors do not like a market that favors one side or the other. A balanced real estate market is best for everyone. Now that the real estate market is adding a little more inventory and many buyers have just given up the market is ripe for investing.

Since real estate agents like Danny Skelly, the broker-owner for Orson Hill Realty, have their finger on the pulse of the market for a living it is only logical Orson Hill Realty starts their fix and flip division back up. After taking a couple of years off due to very low inventory, pandemic lockdowns and just the unknown of the uncertain conditions in the economy were enough for Orson Hill Realty to focus on residential sales.

The model they are using will be investing in single-family homes under $1,000,000 purchase price. The property can be in any condition except a scrape. As long as the home can stay standing during rehab, Orson Hill Realty will purchase it. Complete the rehab and sell it for market value.