To show support to the victims and refugees of the Ukrainian crisis, Goodera announces special volunteering events accessible worldwide.

Goodera, the world’s largest virtual volunteering platform, announced special volunteering opportunities to support Ukrainian citizens amidst the ongoing Russian invasion of their country.

The UN estimates that close to 1.5 million people are seeking refuge in neighboring nations like Moldova, Poland, and Hungary. Goodera’s emergency goodwill gesture is open to organizations worldwide who wish to play a part in providing relief and assistance to Ukrainians.

Volunteers can team up with many international aid organizations and participate in specially planned out events, including preparing kits to engage children, donating personal care packages for refugees, recording video messages of love, and donating money to help non-profits support children in Ukraine.

These are in addition to over 20 other activities available on Goodera’s campaign to support Ukraine. The international non-profits involved in these activities include Te Aud Romania, Bright Kids Charity, Project Hope, Kleine Herzen, Health Right, and many more.

Abhishek Humbad, Founder, Goodera, said, “Watching the events unfold in Ukraine has brought great pain to citizens worldwide. Our duty as an organization in the social impact space is to rise and help those in need. We will continue extending our support in any way possible. On behalf of our entire organization, we are praying for the safety of affected Ukrainians .”

About Goodera:

Goodera is the world’s largest volunteering platform. Its hybrid and virtual volunteering platform allow companies to access various curated volunteering opportunities and social causes. Goodera’s 200+ clientele list includes 50 Fortune 500 companies and works with 50,000+ non-profit organizations across 100+ countries. Since its inception, Goodera has onboarded and engaged up to 1 million corporate volunteers with various virtual and hybrid causes worldwide.

Goodera has also created Karma Hub – the world’s largest repository of virtual volunteering opportunities. Their partnerships include companies in more than 100+ countries, with an 80+ volunteer NPS rating, offering activities in up to 15 languages.