Katahide has been investing a moderate percentage of its resources in funds that primarily supply illiquid underlying assets. Due to a strong rate of requests from private investors, primarily from the international database of clients, the percentage is projected to increase in the next quarters.

“The reality based on which these investment instruments are often off-limits to non-accredited investors and that clients may only retrieve their assets monthly or quarterly, is more of a benefit than a disadvantage”, said Fujioka Akinori, Chief Investment Officer. “Because the majority of our clients have been involved in the business for a long time, when we take decisions on a portfolio allocation in the initial stage, we take into account the actual information of the client’s liquidity and cash flow needs, allowing us to build the portfolio accordingly”, added Mr. Fujioka.

Interval Funds usually work within illiquid markets such as reinsurance policies, where restricted liquidity is a management requirement. This structure protects the capital of the investor from the risks posed by funding flowing in and out at any moment.

Interval funds remain an excellent package for less liquid strategies from a top-to-bottom perspective, and a limited allocation of capital can offer clients appropriate outcomes. The essential component in this plan is quality management, and it has been proven to work in order to deliver the desired results.

About Katahide

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