The story follows Jennifer, a recently divorced young lady as she moves to her grandparents’ cabin deep in the Smokey Mountains. While trying to comprehend and work through wrong choices, she is asked to help an old friend take some kids through paddling lessons. She confronts the multifaceted changes in her marital situation, old-fashioned beliefs, job, family, and spirituality; and she learns to appreciate the influence of her mother, friends, and a pastor who thinks the Bible is a road map. She confronts various beliefs, a joust on boats, a river rescue from paddling her kayak during a storm, and learns how to interpret a new romantic relationship.


The book treads on several plots and subtly touches on the repercussions of failed marriages, while also exploring the possibility of finding romance after a devastating divorce. C.S. Webb allows the readers to wallow in the pristine outdoors of North Carolina through her descriptive narrative. She puts the readers in the front seat of an adventure as she lets Jennifer weave her way through the rough waters of the river and through the journey of becoming whole again. Jennifer will empower every reader who’s going through a hard time in their lives and inspire them to keep paddling through the rough currents of life. On the other hand, she also provides comfort and confidence in the knowledge that the Creator is always a hand ready to reach out and calm the currents in the river whenever it gets unbearable.


Join Jennifer as she finds the answer to the question: Why cross-currents?

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Why Cross-Currents?

By Carolyn Webb

Published by: VHawk Solutions

Paperback: $ 9.75

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About the Author

Carolyn Webb lives in Missouri and works as a legal secretary for her husband, has written several poems and a children’s novel regarding how to paddle a canoe. She took several years of kayak lessons from members of Olympic White Water team.