C.S. Webb Takes Readers on Rough River Adventures and Supple Lessons About Letting Go and Healing in Her Book “Why Cross-Currents?”


The story follows Jennifer, a recently divorced young lady as she moves to her grandparents’ cabin deep in the Smokey Mountains. While trying to comprehend and work through wrong choices, she is asked to help an old friend take some kids through paddling lessons. She confronts the multifaceted changes in her marital situation, old-fashioned beliefs, job, family, and spirituality; and she learns to appreciate the influence of her mother, friends, and a pastor who thinks the Bible is a road map. She confronts various beliefs, a joust on boats, a river rescue from paddling her kayak during a storm, and learns how to interpret a new romantic relationship.


The book treads on several plots and subtly touches on the repercussions of failed marriages, while also exploring the possibility of finding romance after a devastating divorce. C.S. Webb allows the readers to wallow in the pristine outdoors of North Carolina through her descriptive narrative. She puts the readers in the front seat of an adventure as she lets Jennifer weave her way through the rough waters of the river and through the journey of becoming whole again. Jennifer will empower every reader who’s going through a hard time in their lives and inspire them to keep paddling through the rough currents of life. On the other hand, she also provides comfort and confidence in the knowledge that the Creator is always a hand ready to reach out and calm the currents in the river whenever it gets unbearable.


Join Jennifer as she finds the answer to the question: Why cross-currents?

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Why Cross-Currents?

By Carolyn Webb

Published by: VHawk Solutions

Paperback: $ 9.75

Hardcover: $ 16.95

eBook: $ 2.95

Website:  www.carolynwebbbook.com

About the Author

Carolyn Webb lives in Missouri and works as a legal secretary for her husband, has written several poems and a children’s novel regarding how to paddle a canoe. She took several years of kayak lessons from members of Olympic White Water team.

Author Susan Isabelle, Keeper of the 13th Maya Crystal Skull Known as the ‘Heart of the Child,’ Invites Readers to Learn About the Mysteries and Prophecies Surrounding This Fascinating Artifact

Known as the feminine Indiana Jones, Susan Isabelle has woven her knowledge of ancient scriptures, present and future prophecy to make an extraordinary discovery. She explains the Mayan prophecies of Venus and the Return of the Heart Of The Child at the end of time through ancient texts and modern-day discoveries.

The author outlines to the reader the messages of the 13th Crystal skull that was brought to Earth by Itznma over 26,000 years ago, and how it was designed to usher in the New World that is coming soon according to the prophecy. This was foretold from the very beginning of time itself. The fact that not one, but two lost and forgotten Maya Skulls have come to one person, in one lifetime, four years apart in different locations, is beyond any explanation. The fact they were designed to be together in the form of a heart, The Heart of a Child at the end of days, is beyond comprehension. Isabelle reveals that story in her book as well as moves readers far into the future in prophecy concerning the meaning of it.

Included in her book are some excerpts from her previous books to bring the reader the twenty years of historical context of the Skull’s initial discovery by Isabelle and its later uses. The first book, “On Assignment With Adama,” explains how all of this came about with a true ‘Indiana Jones’ adventure to obtain the first Crystal Skull from the Maya. Excerpts from her two other books, “Return The Goddess” and “In The Eye Of The Goddess, the 13th Crystal Skull On Assignment in England,” will show you the miracles of the Skulls and how they have already been used to fulfill prophecy.

That will carry us forward in time to the present day and the coming fulfillment of future prophecy. She outlines year by year, what we may expect to happen on the earth. The Maya were the recorders of time and the Skulls hold the records of the past and future reality.

The author believes that the knowledge of the skulls, the prophecies, and the use of the teachings will greatly assist us in overcoming the challenges of a global transformation. There is a whole, new world coming that we must prepare to embrace. Isabelle’s direct experience with the Maya Skulls has led her to understand many things about them, all of us as a people, and the future. We have great, unrealized power as the Children of Creator.

Book available at: https://youronlinepublicist.com/product/a-new-world-is-coming-crystal-skulls-fulfilling-prophecy-with-the-heart-of-a-child-by-susan-isabelle

A New World is Coming.: Crystal Skulls Fulfilling Prophecy with the Heart of a Child
Author: Susan Isabelle
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: September 2021
Genre: Spiritual Growth
Target Audience: Adults

About the Author
Susan Isabelle BS, LSW, Former Chairperson Office for Children, Global Teacher of Prophecy, Author, and Adventurer.

Susan Isabelle opened her first alternative healing training center in New Hampshire in 1992. In 2004, she opened a global training center at Mt. Shasta, California, where she now resides. She became Keeper of the 13th Maya Crystal Skull in 2000, given to her by Mayan villagers who determined she was the Skull’s true Keeper. In 2004, she miraculously obtained the second half of the skull after relighting the prophesied Fires of the New beginning at Ix Chel’s temple in Mexico. Male and female, the two ancient skulls are designed to fit together as they each have a brain, eyes, change their shape, and change colors to form a small child’s, human heart. She is the Keeper of the Crystal Heart Of The Child, that represents the new beginning for humanity, as it holds the Divine blueprint encoded in crystal.

For 21 years, Susan has used the skulls as the Maya had instructed her. She has been on many Divinely guided missions with the skulls to assist humanity and to promote the coming of Heaven To Earth. She has been teaching across the globe the prophecy of the coming New Dream of the Creator Of All. That information is in her book, provided in three separate parts: History, Present Day Instructional Information, and Prophecy.