PixelPlex, a top software development company with several global offices, has updated its UI/UX design services. These UI/UX design services cut across all design areas of a business, including prototypes, illustrations, and branded products.

As a company with more than 350 client success stories of creative and appealing designs, PixelPlex can now provide separate UX/UI design services. In an era where engagement is critical in business growth and sustainability, here are the areas the new services now cover:

Web design

Web and mobile app design

Branded product design


In-app user flows


Motion design

“The visual appeal of something is critical in boosting engagement and conversions, but so is the interactivity and navigability. Our team aims to ensure the important elements that make a client’s product appealing, intuitive, and interactive strike a balance. We want to ensure that anyone looking to achieve growth in conversion rates and sales, unrivaled usability, and futuristic UI/UX design solutions achieves their goal,” said the company’s CEO, Alexei Dulub.

As a reliable UI/UX design partner, PixelPlex has had great success in its UI/UX design across all industries and business levels. It showcases this through the Patientory and Doctime cross-platform apps for the healthcare industry, Arbitrage bots for the banking and FinTech industries, Scaros for supply chain and logistics, Green for retail, MECA in gas and oil industry, smart home apps, and FootballNet in sports and loyalty management.

PixelPlex continues to gain an edge in this niche by revamping its landing page, which helps its web visitors and clients understand the design process and outcome better. From short time-to-market designs, a strong focus on clients’ needs and requirements, high accountability and transparency, the company stands ready to meet its clients’ goals, no matter how ambitious they are.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a custom software development company based in New York. It provides solutions using blockchain, IoT, AR/VR technologies. They also offer web and mobile app development and consulting services.


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