After almost 6 months of working on the project, Music India Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the first single of Subhodip Sarkar with featuring artist Arun Adhikari, a rhythm that mixes Alternative Indie and Dance Electronic. Music India Entertainment is the Record Label under which the album will be released.

The first single “Ambient Ocean” will be available on all music platforms on March 5, 2022. This will give music lovers an idea of what is in store for them in the upcoming “Mad Wala Musicians” album. The first album of Subhodip Sarkar will have 4 songs performed by various musicians.

The Subhodip Sarkar’s lyrics are written in a way to develop strong positive thoughts and feelings. They invite listeners to cultivate them in a manner to become the better version of themselves and achieve their life’s purpose.

Besides his music career Subhodip Sarkar worked as a founder and CEO For “Music India Entertainment” record label.

Music India Entertainment is an Indian Record Label created in 2019 and providing its music distribution, artist support, digital marketing, promotion, etc. to customers all-around India.

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