London, UK, Feb 22, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The Climate Ecosystem Corp., a company of like-minded individuals united by one big concern�climate change�has announced its pre-sale. Expected to hold soon, the pre-sale will see prospective investors try to cop thousands or millions of CLIME, the project’s native token. With a total supply of 10 billion CLIME, and with dates soon to be released, investors will have the privilege of staking and farming CLIME to gain CARBC [Carbon Credit token] once the sale is over.

Born out of the need to preserve the deteriorating planet for future generations, The Climate Ecosystem aims at combating, on a larger scale, the effects of climate change. Leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the founding team is committed to attracting investors through the integration of decentralized finance [DeFi] technology. The Climate Ecosystem hopes to create a platform where a part of the transacted value and return on investment are kept aside to fund organizations focused, primarily, on fighting climate change.

The Climate Ecosystem Corp. will act as a bridge between potential benefactors and organizations with a focus on global climate change. Through the profits generated from investments made, investors will make voluntary donations to the course. Unprecedentedly, The Climate Ecosystem will offer investors an opportunity to make good returns as well as generate values for donations. Through this platform, The Climate Ecosystem could become the pioneer blockchain-based project that solves a real environmental problem.

A community-powered project, The Climate Ecosystem will introduce profits for holders of CLIME through transaction fees. Besides staking and farming, both of which attract zero fees, other transactions on The Climate Ecosystem will have a stipulated 10% fee. Incentivizing CLIME holders, 5% of each transaction fee obtained will be shared amongst token owners while 3% and 2% will go to donations and liquidity respectively.

CLIME holders will not only be taking an active part in fighting the consequences of one of the world’s biggest problems, but they will also can earn profits as they do so.

They also reserve the right to vote for organizations that will receive donations.

With a sustainable and viable roadmap comprising the launch of a DEX, upcoming exchange listings, in-depth research about climate change-focused organizations, first donation, and an NFT collection, The Climate Ecosystem is aiming to be the most innovative bridge between willing donors and climate change organizations globally. For more information and to be a part of this nascent project, do well to visit the website and social media pages.

About The Climate Ecosystem Corp.

This is a company with like-minded individuals from the UK, Russia, Brazil, EU, and Panama with one mission�to mitigate the effects of climate change. Aimed at addressing the problem of climate change, The Climate Ecosystem Corp. hopes to do so immediately and efficiently. Through its ecosystem, it will bridge the gap between patrons and climate change-focused organizations, ergo expediting the donation process. The Climate Ecosystem will spend a percentage of transaction fees accrued on funding organizations across the globe.

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