Mensah shows how God cares, even in the most mysterious of ways.

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“You can change; you can make a difference.” – Kwaku Mensah

“God Cares But Do We?” by Kwaku Mensah (Independently published, 2020) will be publicly displayed at the Tucson Festival of Books on March 12-13, 2022, at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. The book discusses the situations that afflict today’s generation, such as the lack of values, morals, and respect. It then asks why things are the way they are when people refuse to obey or are unable to obey the Ten Commandments that God the Father has created for mankind to follow. It explores the things that people do to others who are made in His image could disobey God’s Commandments. The author stresses that he even tries his best to pay heed to the Ten Commandments that God has given to mankind to follow, rather than just hollow words said out of one’s mouth.

Mensah asked why people find it difficult to keep their promises to God. “What is wrong with what is written in stone to follow?” he asked. The Ten Commandments were created for humans to obey, but humans could not keep their promise to God and sinned. People have been given so many chances. They have sinned and repented all too many times but still have not done anything to change their way of life. How long before people realize they need to change and truly repent when time runs out?

“God Cares But Do We?” is an enlightening piece of narrative that shows that God cares about mankind’s misfortunes, and his way of uplifting man’s sorrows or reaching true peace was gifting man with The Ten Commandments, which are about honor, trust, and respect that everyone deserves. The book emphasizes the guidelines that people should try to live by for a decent, successful, and peaceful way of living and have a closer relationship with God.

A new book exploring morality and kindness is a relevant must-read in 2021. Interested? Learn more about “God Cares But Do We?” by John K. A. Mensah available on Amazon and visit the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books.

Author Bio

Kwaku Mensah, author of the new release God Cares But Do We?, is the fourth edition in the series that delves deeply into the reciprocal nature of respect, listening, and taking responsibility for our own actions through the gift of poetry and rhyme. The book draws upon his own experiences to show how the root of suffering is mistreating our fellow men and women. The author shows that God does indeed care, and in order to honor our Creator, mankind must share in selfless love. God Cares, But Do We? reinforces that it is a choice to believe, and no matter a person’s color, race, or sex, they too feel suffering and hurt as part of the greater human family.

Overall, Mensah emphasizes that everyone should take care of each other and seek to earn the respect of those around them. Those who seek to be uplifted must first uplift others in order to know the true meaning of ascending to a higher understanding of the world. In these uncertain times, God Cares, But Do We? Is a particularly powerful commentary on the ties that bind us all together.

Although God Cares, But Do We? addresses questions of religion and faith, Mensah’s work is meant for any audience. His exploration of morality and kindness for its own sake can apply to even those who approach ethical issues from a secular perspective. Appreciating the gift of life and treating our time together as a precious thing is not an inherently religious idea.

Reviewers describe Mensah’s work as “eye opening” and an inspirational resource that “gets you to think about things going on in the world today.” With a lyrical quality and Mensah’s beautiful use of language, God Cares, But Do We? is an insightful commentary on what it means to be human and be whole.

Kwaku Mensah is a 48-year-old author, father, and grandfather. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys repairing computers and putting his IT skills to work. Mensah lives and writes in Washington DC.