EAC supports and follows up on Government’s decision to postpone sixth-term Chief Executive Election


The following is issued on behalf of the Electoral Affairs Commission:


     In response to the Government’s announcement of postponement of the sixth-term Chief Executive Election today (February 18), the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) expressed support over the Government’s decision.


     A spokesman for the EAC said, “The sixth-term Chief Executive Election was originally scheduled for March 27. The EAC learnt that in view of the severe epidemic situation of COVID-19, the Government has decided to postpone the election to May 8. The new nomination period runs from April 3 to 16. The EAC supports the Government’s decision and will follow up on the practical arrangements in relation to the postponement with the Registration and Electoral Office (REO).”

     “Public elections inevitably involve a lot of manpower and resources. Hong Kong is now facing the most severe situation since the epidemic. The Government must focus on fighting against the epidemic. Therefore, the EAC supports the Government’s decision to postpone the election,” the spokesman said.

     “Various aspects including election materials, venue arrangements, supplies delivery and training of electoral staff will need to be rearranged or prepared again for the sixth-term Chief Executive Election, which has been postponed to May 8. The REO will make every effort to make appropriate arrangements for the Chief Executive Election,” the spokesman added. 

     The EAC will continue to decide on public election matters in accordance with actual and objective considerations and related legislations. It will continue to devote full efforts, acting in accordance with an open, honest and fair principle to make reasonably practicable arrangements for public elections.