Preventive and Intelligence Cell, Central Bureau of Narcotics, New Delhi, developed specific information about a clandestine manufacturing plant of Tramadol in Bawana, Industrial Area, New Delhi and its forefront store at Sirsa (Haryana) in selling the manufactured Tramadol in disguise of Ayurvedic Medicines.

Acting on the said specific information joint Preventive team of Central Bureau of Narcotics New Delhi and Gwalior conducted raid at Plot No. 93, Pocket G, Sector 5, Bawana Industrial Area, New Delhi and at Sh. Balaji Ayurvedic Store, Janta Bhawan Road, Sirsa (Haryana) on 07.02.2022 and unearthed a clandestine Tramadol manufacturing unit at Bawana Industrial Area, New Delhi. The said manufacturing unit was running in disguise of Honey processing plant and manufactured Tramadol Tablets were branded as Ayurvedic medicine. The search of the said premises resulted into recovery of approx. 52.245 kg Tramadol pills and powder and 1.08 kg of substance suspected to be opium.

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic of the same family of drugs as medications like oxycodone and hydrocodone, considering its misuse for addiction purpose Government has declared it as Psychotropic Substance in April, 2018.

Huge quantity of packing and labelling materials has also been seized. The machinery used in the manufacture of the said pills has also been seized under the provisions of NDPS Act, 1985. Parallel raid was conducted at Sh. Balaji Ayurvedic Store, Janta Bhawan Road, Sirsa (Haryana), which was being used as forefront for diversion of manufactured Tramadol pills in disguise of Ayurvedic Medicines. The search of the said store resulted into recovery of pills containing 1.420 kg of Medicinal Opium and pills suspected to be containing 0.495 kg of Tramadol. The case under section 8/18, 21, 22, 25, 28 and 29 of the NDPS Act, 1985 has been registered and two persons are arrested. Further investigation is under progress.

Narcotics Commissioner Shri Rajesh Fattesing Dhabre reiterated that crack down operation shall be intensified further.

During this year, till date, Central Bureau of Narcotics has booked 7 cases and has seized 25.130 kgs Opium, 1.420 kg Medicinal Opium, 1738 kg Poppy Straw, 290 gram Heroin, 52.740 kg Tramadol, whereas during the year 2021 CBN has seized 62.550 kg Opium, 17557 kg black poppy seed, 9.830 kg Heroin, 29,454 kg Poppy Straw, 698.250 kg Ganja, 37,800 sq. Meters of illicit opium cultivation, 24,050 kg Acetic Anhydride, 13.390 kg MD powder and 3,29,642 Injection/Tablets of Psychotropic Substances.



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