A heart-tugging story about love and death will pull readers into a story of suffering, an incurable disease, and a love that persists through it all.

In William Vitterelli’s book, “Genevieve,”we dive right into a pool of emotions and witness love in all its facets. The characters of the book are loosely based on real people but the story is completely fictional. It follows John, a retiree who recently lost the love of his life, and a young couple named Nick and Genevieve, a sick girl. John was already six years into retirement when his wife passed. Social security payments and annuity funds went to the grave along with his wife. John needs to work and eventually ends up working as security personnel for an upscale, gated neighborhood—where he met and become a friend of Nick. One day, Nick took Genevieve with him to meet John. It was that fateful day that made John feel something odd and wonderful towards the young lady at the same time. When Nick and Genevieve moved out of their old apartment because of health hazards, John offered his home as a temporary shelter for the couple. But will John and his boarders only share a roof above their heads? Or will they take part in fate’s cruelest game?

The book exposes different facets of love through its unconventional, and painful twist. Williams allows the characters to tread several stages of romance. He also created diversity in his characters giving them different temperaments, attitudes, and personal issues.

However, one theme stands out throughout the book; love and death can come hand-in-hand. You have a man who was waiting for death, but love made him feel alive again. On the other hand, the woman, when she finds genuine love, was almost at the end of her line.

The book is a quick read but brings about lasting emotions for the readers.

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Author: William Vitterelli

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: October 2021

Genre: Romance

Target Audience: All walks of life

About the Author

William Vitterelli is a first-generation American born of Italian immigrants. Raised in an Italian neighborhood, he went to all Catholic schools including La Salle College where he studied electronic physics. He worked in electronics and in the HVAC industry. This experience gave him a total independence, a complete view of business and a high cosmopolitan view of people.