The Union Minister for Home and Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah paid homage to the great saint Shri Ramanujacharya at the Statue of Equality in Hyderabad today. The Union Home and Cooperation Minister also addressed the Millennium celebrations of Shri Ramanujacharya’s birth.

On this occasion, Shri Amit Shah said that by being here, I am feeling both a consciousness and enthusiasm. Such monuments show that people who have the inspiration to do something for society, such people receive inspiration to come here and do something. Be it a follower of any faith or sect, they should come here once because ultimately the root of all salvation lies in the shelter of Sanatan Dharma. He said there can be no greater Bhavanjali, Smaranjali and Karyanjali in the thousand years since Ramanujacharya’s life. Ramanujacharya took the original sentence of the Vedas out of the depths of time, and without saying anything, and breaking many traditions, placed it amongst society and today even after a thousand years, has given this message not only in India, but also to the whole world.

The Union Home Minister said that the Statue of Equality was recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When viewed from a distance, this statue gives peace to the soul and pleases the mind, and as soon as you get closer, Ramanujacharya’s message is seen in all the languages of India.

Shri Amit Shah said that Ramanujacharya gave the message of equality to the world and this memorial will serve to spread the message of Sanatan Dharma to the entire world for ages. He said that if we look at the history of India till date, there have been many ups and downs and Sanatan Dharma has been able to bear the pressure of time, saving its existence and moving forward without becoming out dated.

Whenever Sanatan Dharma has faced a crisis, someone has come who ignited the spirit of Sanatan Dharma and carried forward this journey of knowledge all over the world. Ramanujacharya was also one such person who did this work well after Shankaracharya. Adi Shankaracharya did the work of uniting the country under the umbrella of Sanatan Dharma by uniting many differences. Ramanucharya changed many evil practices without bitter opposition. I am the truth in Sanatan Dharma and there is no inertia and ego.

The Union Home Minister said that along with the Memorial, arrangements have also been made to broadcast the message of Ramanujacharya’s life in every language of India, so that everyone can understand it. He said that God came here in the form of Ramanujacharya and worked amongst all of us for 120 years to remove many evil practices from Sanatan Dharma. To establish equanimity and harmony in society, many Acharyas worked on making complex knowledge public, Duality-Advaita and then Vishishtadvaita, and Ramanujacharya ji made the biggest contribution. Ramanujacharya, while explaining the middle path, gave the concept of Vishishtadvaita and did the revolutionary work of bringing unity in Indian society . From the East because of Ramanujacharya ‘s Vishishtadvaita philosophy, from the West and North to South, India was tied in one thread . If Ramanujacharya’s life and contribution can be described in simple words, then there is equality and everyone has the right to receive knowledge. He also did the revolutionary work to end caste discrimination a thousand years ago, division of work according to ability, rights of worship, divided the operation of a temple into 20 parts. Shri Shah said that he gave equality of language and the right to salvation to everyone instead of a particular class.

Shri Amit Shah said that Ramanujacharya said that if knowledge of scriptures brings pride rather than devotion to God only, then this knowledge is false and it is better to remain ignorant. He said that Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote that if anyone has done important work in the direction of equality in Hinduism and tried to implement them, then it was Sant Sri Ramanujacharya who did it. During his stay in Melkot, Ramanujacharya observed that devotees from certain sections of society were not allowed to worship inside the temple due to social norms. He was deeply saddened by this practice. He changed this old practice and paved the way for allowing any devotee, regardless of background, to worship the Lord. Sant Shri Ramanujacharya in that era also worked for women’s empowerment. Once after a debate with a Dalit woman in Tiruvalli, he told the woman that you are more knowledgeable than me . After this, Sant Shri Ramanujacharya initiated the woman and made her idol and installed it in the temple . Ramanujacharya was very humble but he was also a rebel and worked to end many evil practices through his rebellious soul. He said that Ramanujacharya spread the message of equality and harmony through his actions.

The Union Home Minister said that when foreign invaders invaded India, temples began to collapse and then Ramanujacharya began the tradition of worshiping God by keeping God in the house, due to this our Sanatan Dharma is still existing. He also worked for language equality. The Vedas of Sanskrit language, the Bhagavad Gita, continued to respect literature, but they also started giving respect to Tamil verses of the Princely States. He said that only Sanyasis had the right to salvation, there was such a legend. Ramanujacharya said that if giving up is sannyas, then the protection of one’s Soul, who leaves his life to God, the one who leaves his fate to God is also a Sanyasi and he too has the right to salvation. He worked to change many evil practices with great humility, but there was only a feeling of rebellion in his soul. When humility and rebellion meet, then reformation takes place. He had also worked for management and both the philosophy of Vishishtadvaita and the Bhakti sect will remain intact for ever, and the idol made by Swamiji will also carry forward the message of Ramanujacharya for ages. It is the blessings of the creator that the grand Ram Temple is also being rebuilt in the same period in which the Statue of Equality was built, in the same period Kashi Vishwanath Corridor is also being renovated after 650 years, as also at the same time as Kedardham. During this period, the work of reconstruction of Badridham is also going on. This is the period from where we have to advance the knowledge of morality to the whole world by awakening Sanatan Dharma completely. I believe that this Statue of Equality by Ramanujacharya, built by you over the years, will give the message of Vishishtadvaita, Equality and Sanatan Dharma to the world.



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