MART IN HONG KONG, a revolutionary annual event organized by FEED HK at the Central Harbourfront since 2017 and extended to Phygital “Online + Offline” mode last year. This year, the organizer, together with csl., FTLife Insurance Company Ltd (FTLife), FILA, Storefriendly, ZOKU, Kung Lee Herbal Tea and N.I.P and 20 other brands will lead us to the virtual world of metaverse, cross the boundaries of the universe and overturning the traditional thinking to see the unprecedented CNY event.

MART IN METAVERSE: The First-Ever ‘Hong Kong CNY Mart Event’ Landed Metaverse

2022 is a year of crypto, NFT and blockchain, FEED HK, as a pioneer in content marketing, has collaborated with Kingsan, a game-producing YouTuber who loves Hong Kong culture, to create the first MART IN METAVERSE CNY Mart in Hong Kong, which allows people to experience the CNY Mart 3.0 with a virtual identity (Avatar). MART IN METAVERSE will be held at the virtual platform Cryptovoxels for 9 days from 28th January to 5th February 2022. People can use the virtual identity to walk into the unlimited virtual space and enjoy the immersive interactive experience.

MART IN METAVERSE is divided into three thematic zones, presenting limited edition CNY-themed products, multi-million-dollar NFT art exhibits, FILA pavilion, etc. You can also visit the cherry blossom tree to make a blessing, watch DJ performance at the “Live @FTLife” stage, etc. All the most unexpected things can happen, connect with the world anytime, anywhere, and explore an unprecedented CNY event together.

3 Themed Zones, 3.0 CNY Event Experience

MART IN METAVERSE is divided into three thematic zones: “The Kolture Pavilion”, “Fortune Blossom Pavilion” and ” Storefriendly presents: NFT Gallery”. Visitors can wander around and enjoy the exclusive metaverse experience with their own imagination.

1. The Kolture Pavilion

Kingsan, a YouTuber renowned for designing games with Hong Kong elements, has designed one of the mart venue “Kolture Pavilion”, with Hong Kong-style tenement building tong laus, creating a traditional and ultra-modern exhibition building.

The “Kolture Pavilion” is one of the venues of MART IN METAVERSE CNY Mart, in which eight brands will present traditional and innovative Chinese New Year gifts. Kung Lee Herbal Tea, a traditional herbal tea shop founded in 1948, is once again teaming up with Spanish artisanal candy brand PAPABUBBLE to launch a new handmade herbal tea cotton candy, which will be sold for the first time at Mart in Metaverse, as well as products from mosaic and painting brand CASPAR HOUSE, local creative brand Handmadeship, Thai-infused brand INBAAN, UK crispy pork skin brand Mr Porky, Handcrafted sweets brand YASS COOKIES and creative nostalgic iron-casting brand Iron Workshop, all of which are available for customers to shop online and enjoy offline.

In line with the brand proposition of “Think beyond insurance.”, FTLife is daring to break conventions and creating innovative services and products. This time, FTLife has extended its brand to the metaverse with the Live @FTLife stage, located on the rooftop of the Kolture Pavillion, where stage performances will be held from time to time. Visitors will be able to experience the concert performances as in at the physical stage. The event will be held in conjunction with Hong Kong’s first-ever Hip Hop Music Awards – Whats Good Music Awards to bring more than 10 local DJs and singers to the stage (performance schedule will be announced separately on the event website or social media page). There is also a wish-making interactive mini-game on the rooftop, displaying your New Year’s greetings on the big screen to add blessings to your wishes.

2. Fortune Blossom Pavilion

At the center of the “Fortune Blossom Pavilion” sees a gigantic cherry blossom tree to wish good luck for everyone in the new year, under which there are also 8 other creative brands exhibiting trendy and limited-edition gifts. Amongst them are the Beef Brisket Soup by Chef Jacques Kagi from innovative gourmet brand Jacques n Grill; Other participating brands include ZOKU x CheckCheckCin presenting a limited-edition well-being tumbler set; RAZE, a fashionable mask brand; TeaLab, a five elements herbal tea therapy brand; Powcook, a handmade popcorn brand, together with the Chinese casserole poon choi daily freshly made by Dragon Pot.

In addition, local gin brand N.I.P launched a limited edition of “800 million” Year of the Tiger gin wine at the event, which is available for purchase at the N.I.P. bar next to the cherry blossom tree.

The event is also supported by international casual sportswear brand FILA, which showcases a variety of Chinese New Year apparel and online exclusives at the FILA Pavilion. Visitors can also look for an exclusive “Metaverse Promo Code” to redeem a FILA Chinese New Year canvas bag with their purchase.

HKT’s mobile network operator csl. will bring you into the virtual world of 5G and metaverse. In addition, csl. will launch a mysterious interactive game under the cherry blossom tree on 1st February, and everyone has a chance to win a mystery gift.

3. Storefriendly Presents: NFT Art Gallery

Storefriendly, Asia’s largest mini storage group, is committed to meeting the needs of its customers by providing quality storage space, and this time it has upgraded its storage space to the metaverse!

A number of local and international NFT collectors and brands, including Monkey Kingdom, local NFT brand God of Wealth, local trendy toy brand ZCWO, and French renowned toy-themed designer Juce Gace, are invited to showcase their NFT artworks which worth over one million HK dollars in total. (Please refer to the appendix for details)

God of Wealth NFT is set to mint 3,888 God of Wealth NFTs on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, 20 of which will be showcased at the NFT Art Exhibition Hall. The brand is also launching “God of Wealth Giveaway 3.0” at MART IN METAVERSE, giving away one God of Wealth NFT (currently worth 0.88 SOL; approximately HK$900) every day for 8 days in a row. Participants only need to answer a simple question and the most creative answer will have a chance to win a NFT! (Please refer to the appendix for details)

Date: 28 January (Friday) – 5 February (Saturday)
Time: 24/7
Platform: Cryptovoxels
Entry Fee: Free

About FEED HK | Group 108

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About Kingsan

Game-producing YouTuber Kingsan fell in love with video games when he was exposed to video games through his family when he was a child. After making an occasional video game in his teenage time, he became interested and began to run his own YouTube channel mainly with the production of video games and daily life videos. Currently, the number of his followers totals 200,000.

About Cryptovoxels

Cryptovoxels is one of the most popular metaverse platforms where players can buy land, create shops and exhibitions, and text-chat with others with their virtual identities after logging in with their Facebook accounts. Its easy login procedures and stable connection attract players from all over the world.

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