Josh Forti, known for his Think Different Theory podcast, has rebranded. His new podcast (The Josh Forti Effect) and business group (7 Figure Experts: Marketing, Mindset, and Money) will accelerate his work to help entrepreneurs create more effective marketing messages.

Josh Forti, a marketing and entrepreneurship thought leader, is launching a rebranded podcast and business group with an increased focus on helping business owners communicate their message in a way that makes people buy.

Forti is best known for his Think Different Theory brand, which encouraged entrepreneurs to find success by thinking beyond the limits and pressure of society and experiencing life in an entirely new paradigm.

After introspection on how to best align with his target audience’s needs, Forti considered rebranding. Then, for better or worse, after a billion dollar business showed interest in his brand’s name, he knew it was time to take the leap, rebranding both his business and podcast.

The business, now known as 7 Figure Experts: Marketing, Mindset, and Money, will guide clients and followers toward more effective thought paradigms and marketing strategies. The podcast, known as The Josh Forti Effect, will take a deep dive into effective marketing strategies while providing listeners with inspirational entrepreneurial success stories.

“It’s not easy trying to rebrand something you have been working on for the years, but thanks to my amazing coaches and team, I think we have created something pretty special,” said Forti.

Forti’s inaugural guest for his podcast will be Russell Brunson, co-founder of, a software company used by over 90,000 entrepreneurs. Brunson has amassed a following of more than 2 million business owners and popularized the concept of sales funnels

“Russell changed my life, my business, my relationships, and showed me what it meant to love my wife, build my business, and serve God all at the same time. So much of what I know and am good at with marketing and content comes from studying Russell. His stuff is that life changing,” said Forti.

Upcoming podcasts will feature guests such as Tanner Chidester who scaled two businesses (Fit Warrior and Elite CEOs) to become a millionaire by age 27, and Sam Kwak, an immigrant from South Korea who rose above the challenges of poverty to create a nearly 8-figure real estate empire.

To learn more about Forti’s rebranded podcast or his 7-Figure Experts business group, visit him online at